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Welcome to the squirrel-cage, and look out for the nuts (myself included). I see you've already figured out that you've stumbled into an international forum populated by a mix of high-end professionals, chain-store professionals, advanced amateurs, ham-handed beginners, and everything in between.
For both sketching layouts and constructing image files for edible printing, I use GIMP ("GNU Image Manipulation Program"). It's not exactly Photoshop (in fact, it can be downright "lame" at times), but it's free (both "free as in speech" and "free as in beer"), and it's available for WinDoze, Mac, and Linux.
Just remember: I am not an attorney, and neither do I play one on television. And I suspect that the same is true of most if not all CC subscribers.
Actually, while the Monopoly logo may or may not be in copyright, it's certainly a trademark, and probably registered. Trademark owners can have very laid-back attitudes about inherently harmless usage (edible printing, model trains, and so forth), or they can be downright nasty.   For my own part, when emailing image files to the local cake supply shop, I (without being asked, simply as a matter of course) include a statement, certifying under penalty of perjury, that...
Everything looks impressive. And I sense a theme developing this week: a cake and matching cupcakes (or in the case of the dog, "pupcakes"). Closest I came to decorating a cake since my birthday was a few minutes ago, when I warmed up some (refrigerated) leftover maple-cinnamon BC from my birthday cake, and spread it on a slice of pound cake from the grocer. Not a bad combination, actually.
Well, if it really is a "gauche" cake, then maybe it would be best to specifically avoid crumb-coating it.   GAUCHE: lacking social polish. GANACHE: a glaze made of chocolate and cream. GOUACHE: opaque watercolor paint.   On a more serious note, I've never crumb-coated a cake, at least not successfully, because my BC tends to run so stiff that if I were to apply it thin enough for a crumb-coat, it would rip the top of the cake apart, which kind of defeats the whole...
Or you could always bake one in the shape of a body. (Presumably "a cellular peptide cake, with mint frosting.")
The vast majority of rubbing alcohol is 140-proof isopropanol (the exceptions are generally "SD" grades of ethanol, i.e., ethanol that's been denatured with something other than methanol).   There is also 192-proof isopropanol, typically used for cleaning and disinfecting.   Ethanol makes you drunk   Isopropanol, I'm told (by Isaac Asimov, in The World of Carbon, and in addition to being a science fiction writer and a humor theorist, he was also a professor of...
I'm not sure, but I think they're Royal.
To my eye, they look at least one size bigger than the Wilton 8-to-a-package ones. Which squares with what "AZCouture" said.
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