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 So would I, if I made my living running a bakery, rather than sitting in front of a terminal banging out code. (And if you'll excuse me, I expect that the terminal I've been waiting for has probably come up by now, and I have some code to bang out.)
Well, it certainly does not look like some canned design out of a catalog. But I'd hardly call that a bad thing. If you find something "unprofessional" about a cake's appearance, you might consider offering some specifics. Along with suggestions of how it could be improved.
Ah. Thanks. I'm afraid soccer isn't something I follow. These days, I don't follow baseball or figure skating much, either. But knowing what it is, I can definitely see that it has great fidelity to the original.
Very impressive cakes, everybody. Nothing from me, this past weekend; at this moment, the only cake in the house is the last tiny corner piece of my birthday cake, and some sliced pound cake from the grocer.   Particularly impressed with the Audrey Hepburn cake from "mattyeatscakes" (even though I've never seen any of her movies all the way through, just clips, here and there).   "nanasmom," I'm definitely impressed with the fire engine. Last year, the thought occurred...
Excellent work. Your first, you say? I hope it's not your last, but only the first of many to come.
You can thank spelling- and grammar-checking software, set in "aggressive" mode, for that: I never allow it to run in that mode, because even in "flagging" mode, it flags perfectly good words. Haven't you ever noticed how Google will frequently ask you if you were looking for something subtly different from what you typed? And as often as not, you typed exactly what you meant?
Just remember (as John Irving so succinctly put it): gradual school is where people go, and they gradually learn that they don't want to go to school any more. (And "RedneckRuffle," since we're talking about grammatical errors, it's "you're funny" in this usage, not "your funny.")
Grammatically correct, although I think The Hymnal 1982 might have either another exclamation point, or a comma, or maybe even a semicolon, where I have a period.     It's also sloppy, and an obvious extreme rush job, but then again, it's just a family Easter cake, intentionally small because my dad's birthday was only 4 days later.   Incidentally, I completely agree with "mcaulir" about the apostrophe in Mother's Day, and with all due respect, I think Anna Jarvis...
"DeniseNH" and "AZCouture": I think that may be one of the reasons why my friend in the video business gave up doing weddings.   But back on topic: Hmm. $160 entry fee for a $250 prize. So the winner has a net gain of $90, and the event organizer has a net gain of $160 and 500 free cupcakes PER ENTRY.   Sounds like a great deal. For the event organizer.
Well, you could always calculate the surface area.
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