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EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!! Ersatz maple?!?? GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!You want maple for cooking, get some farm-bottled Vermont Grade B!
how come we don't have a "vomit" emoticon here? Real maple syrup (as opposed to the fake swill that costs a fraction of the price) is generally regarded as one of the healthiest of sweeteners. (Does anybody else here share the revulsion I've had for the "Log Cabin" brand since they started putting stuff that's 96% fake in the same type of bottle that's most commonly used for farm-bottled maple?)
Hmm. Looking at only the thread title, I was expecting somebody to have actually made "a cellular peptide cake with mint frosting" as described in the ST:TNG episode, Phantasms.
You mean, there's more than one of us? Do you hand-mix yours, too?
The back of the one-pound box is reproduced online, right here, at sufficient size and resolution that you can read it for yourself.   But it calls for the entire 1-lb box of powdered sugar, a 1/4 lb stick of salted butter, 1/4 cup of milk, and 1 tsp vanilla.   And I hand-blend with an ordinary dinner fork because I LIKE my BC dense and candy-like.
"Cake Stackers." The very name reminds me of a slightly off-color joke involving such professions as cork soaker, crock stacker, and so forth.
What "-K8memphis" said. Personally, I find "The Recipe That's Been On The Back Of The C&H Powdered Sugar Box Since Before Most Of Us Were Born," made with all real butter (plain, ordinary, salted store-brand sweet butter, the same kind you put on your toast in the morning, not some exotic gourmet stuff), to be nicely balanced.
CUSTOMER: I'm only willing to pay   BAKER hands CUSTOMER one or more box mixes and one-pound boxes of powdered sugar, a carton of eggs, one or more sticks of butter, and a bottle of Canola oil.   BAKER: Here's what I can give you for that price. Some assembly required.
I believe the new name-brand box mixes have gone from approximately 18 oz. net weight to approximately 15 oz.   Since most of the mixes I deal with call for 3 eggs, if I find that a particular mix is wimpy on volume, I'll weigh out 1 1/3 boxes (and increase all ingredients by 1/3) for a 9x13 pan, or I'll weigh out 2/3 of a box (and reduce all ingredients by 1/3) for the 8x8 pan I bought specifically to make 1/2 of any recipe that normally fills a 9x13. Beats trying to...
Here's the link. You might also include my comment about how many she'll need to bake, to feed 50 (especially if they have Texas-sized appetites). The upside is that she'll be able to do it in multiple flavors.   Hmm. Now if they also offered an Alaska-shaped cake pan, would it then be ideal for a baked Alaska?
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