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Indeed. Compared to the total cost, it's just the tip of the iceberg.
What? You mean, you don't just pull finished, fully decorated cakes out of your defecatory orifice?
Maybe so, but I'm firmly convinced that that old chestnut was the whole basis for Turbo.
Look at that "S-car" go!   (And I hope you're not planning on an escargot-flavored cake!)
Please tell me that's the SHAPE, not the FLAVOR! And is it hard to keep lit?
Ordinary shellac thinner is simply denatured alcohol. Logically, vodka or Everclear should cut the stuff.
Yes, it does sound like it would be a pain in the . . . .
What I said flippantly on the "Things NOT to ask/say" thread may be of some use here: include an edible photo-montage of the 5 women and their shared history.
Sure. Give me an appropriate montage of pictures, or some pictures from which to construct such a montage, and I'll have it printed on edible printing media, and put it on top of a sheet cake.
All I can say is, EXPERIMENT. In my strawberry marble recipe, the jam affects the batter chemistry enough that there's a visible difference in how much the batters rise, but it doesn't screw it up completely.
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