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Or if you want top quality, and are willing to pay for it, (although they don't stock Greek letters) will make anything you need. For a price. I consider them the Rolls Royce (or in the case of custom jobs, the Lamborghini) of cookie cutters. Some years ago, when I was unable to find a replacement for a worn-out (and evidently discarded) cutter in a shape I can only describe as an "integral sign," that was the perfect shape and size for my mother's famous...
Welcome to the squirrel-cage, and look out for the nuts (myself included). You'll get along just fine as long as you remember that Disco Dust is not food, and as long as you remember the first two rules about edible printing: Personally, if I'm going to pipe something, I make it as stiff as I can, and still get it to pass through the tip (if it comes out in pieces, it's a little too stiff; if it blows a hole in the side of the bag, it's way too stiff). And I'm sure there...
And regarding toppers, you definitely need to know how much weight you're going to be supporting. Many years ago, at my late aunt's second wedding, she insisted on a ceramic Precious MomentsTM topper (that may or may not have been intended for the purpose), and the cake couldn't support its weight. (As I recall, it slid off, making a mess of the cake.)
FWIW, The technical term for "The back and the part that stands up" is "backbox," the faceplate of which is called a "back-glass" or "backflash."   And if you want to make it edible, you could always use some sort of cookie or cracker.
Some comic relief: Is the bride a personal injury attorney? The groom? That would explain everything: to personal injury attorneys, everything's a tort.
I never said your flowers were out of a box marked "Wilton," just that they looked rather like some of the Wilton flowers I've used (but not enough to even be a direct copy), and I figure, if that general overall flower design is good enough for Wilton to mass-produce, it can't be too bad. And if you made them out of something even a little less, uh, "fossilized" than the rock-hard Royal that Wilton uses for mass-produced flowers, they're probably a good deal better.
Indeed. Don't beat yourself up over the flowers, given that (1) they look better than anything I could do (I'm still using flowers that come in a little cardboard box marked "Wilton"), and (2) the cake as a whole is quite remarkable.   I'm guessing that the bride, groom, and guests were all suitably impressed (they certainly should have been).   Hmm. Now that I think of it, the flowers look remarkably like some that Wilton sells in a little box. Except that I'm...
Hmm. This wasn't for the wedding of a certain Batman villain, was it?
Well, I'm no expert on topsy-turvy cakes (and neither do I play one on television), so all I really know is that if it looks like it's going to fall over, but doesn't actually do so, then you've succeeded.
I was guessing something like that. Shows you how far removed I am from instruments of foam-rubber mayhem.    Looking at a Google image search on "nerf gun," it seems as if real life has caught up with the final scene of the Get Smart episode, "Our Man in Toyland."
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