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My mother's famous shortbread recipe: 50/50 mix of butter and margarine, sugar, a bit of salt, and flour. And no, I'm not publishing the amounts. I will say that for shortbreads, or any other recipe that produces a fragile or friable cookie, a cutter that's 1 to 1 1/2" wide and 2 to 3" long is ideal: it keeps the crumbs in your mouth, instead of on the floor.
I looked at the thread title. Initially thought it referred to a cake in the shape of a vehicular IED.   So the Irish Car Bomb is a drink. One that curdles if not consumed quickly. Not sure whether I find the name or the concept more utterly dreadful.
Which seems fair enough. Although I've been through situations (not involving cake) in which I was about ready to let the customer have both a full refund and the product in question, simply because I couldn't achieve my own standards. As well, now that I think about it, as one or two in which I actually DID so. Merry Christmas
Thought occurred to me that (depending on how detailed your locomotive is, of course), you could have cotton candy "steam" venting off the cylinder cocks (e.g., from the engineer purging water from the cylinders when starting after a layover), or the generator, or the air brake compressor, or even out the boiler blowdown exhausts (purging sediments from the boiler). Merry Christmas.
Re: defecating in sparklies or unnatural colors: Years ago, I had a dog, Snoopy, who (when he was young; he lived to be a very old dog) didn't just chase and chew on sponge rubber balls; he ATE them. And his turds bounced. Fancy that: you can say "turd" on Cake Central. Even when you're not referring to the people of the mythical country of Turdsmania, as immortalized in a short-short from Steve Martin's "Cruel Shoes." (I'm also reminded of an episode of M*A*S*H, in...
And they probably think defecating sparklies is neat.
I've got a CD vendor I'd like to send to Mars. One way, without a spacecraft.   And as to the people wanting pictures of cakes that don't exist yet, well, I worked up a thumbnail of the first Leland Award cake, before it existed. It can't be that hard to come up with a thumbnail, just to make sure decorator and customer are on the same page, for a new cake. And I've always found it useful, whether it's cake, software, or a complex piece of custom carpentry, to have at...
What's to understand? If the label doesn't make it clear that it's intended to be eaten, assume it isn't. Just as if the label on a piece of plastic, wood, or metal doesn't make it clear that it's intended for food-contact use (or to be put in one's mouth, or to be implanted in one's body), assume it's not safe for food-contact use. (When I needed template material for the "wood type cookie" project last year, I bought a 4-pack of color-coded food chopping mats, and used...
Actually, from what I've heard, you can eat pure metallic gold safely. . . . but who wants to.
Isn't that what you do anyway, if you level tops or split layers?
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