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I'm reminded of a situation that occurred many years ago, working a video crew at a skating competition.   Now it's fairly common knowledge among anybody experienced with video, that subtle shades of blue and purple that are easily distinguishable to the naked eye can be a problem with video, because of various combinations of the NTSC color space, the lighting, and the color sensitivity of various camera pick-up devices.   I'll also say that my best friend's cameras...
The problem is that they might be unwilling to print it without clearance from Patron, for fear of an infringement suit.
Not to mention that (as I said) a recipe that works perfectly in 2" high layers might be a disaster in 4" high layers.
Why are you asking us? We can't read the bride's mind any more than you can. (Why isn't there a "shrug" emoticon on this board?) When I have a question about the specs of a program I'm writing at work, or about the specs of some type I'm setting or some exhibit I'm building at the Printing Museum, I ask the person who gave me the specs. The logical person to ask for clarification when there's a question about a cake's specs would be the customer, in this case, the...
So if you were transporting around a hundred pre-cut pieces of cake with an extremely sticky frosting (since these pieces of gingerbread have more-or-less the same physical properties), what would you use?
That's just it: it's not cookies; it's gingerbread. As in baked in a cake pan, with a cake-like texture. And the natural top crust (and I use the term "crust" loosely) is as soft and sticky as the softest, stickiest of frostings.
Hmm. I tried parchment paper for separators on the test batch, and it stuck to that.
As usual, the online reference was inaccurate: it wasn't the Vegeton Uprising; it was the Sagittarius Rebellion, and he was captured by the Solanites. Right here on YouTube.   I'm not entirely sure what Vegetons eat. But I know that Vegetons do not kiss; they pollinate. Which involves lying flat, with arms and legs sticking straight up, chanting "BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE . . . ," and waiting for the bee.
When I wrote that line reminding everybody that potatoes were, the last time I checked, vegetables, I was planning to break out my entire-series DVD of Quark last night. There was a reference in the pilot to Commander Quark having been captured in the "Vegeton Uprising" -- the Vegetons are a vegetable civilization, specifically tubers. So Quark had been captured by a band of dissident potatoes. (And we wonder why he ended up captain of a spacegoing garbage scow?)
Saturday, as an experiment to determine whether it would be feasible to make gingerbread (in addition to 2 double batches of shortbreads) for my mother's memorial service next month, I baked a batch of it (1969 Betty Crocker Cookbook, page 180), using a 9x13 pan instead of the 9x9 pan specified, to see what would happen. 1. The cooking time was 10 minutes shorter: the toothpick came out clean at 40 minutes instead of 50+; I pulled it at 42 minutes. 2. The top crust seemed...
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