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3-tiered cake for $50?   Uh, that would buy the customer a 9" pan, a 6" pan, a 3" pan, a box mix, and a pound of powdered sugar, I suppose. "Some assembly required."
Did anybody happen to catch Letterman last night?
I was able to get it to line up reasonably well, with a small fragment stuck to my finger being about all that didn't make it onto the cake. I think the wrinkling was the result of having just about every available finger working to get it into place. I vividly remember being disappointed with the lunar surface TV being black and white (the camera aboard the CM was color, and there is color footage, whether from Apollo 11 or from another Saturn V flight, of the first...
Happy Apollo Day. Apollo Day 2014.jpg by Tracker-Backer, on Flickr HERE MEN FROM THE PLANET EARTH FIRST SET FOOT UPON THE MOON JULY 1969 A.D. WE CAME IN PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND This time, the edible print ripped and wrinkled a bit, right between the caption and the inset of the ladder-leg plaque. I got it a bit crooked, to boot, but the way it was fighting me, I consider myself lucky I was able to get it in place with as little visible damage as there...
"Nothing too complicated," she says.If that's your idea of "nothing too complicated, . . ."(My Apollo Day cake is still waiting to be baked, frosted, and the edible print mounted.)
Hmm. I've never Pfeil and Holed. How exactly does one Pfeil and Hole?(Couldn't resist that old chestnut, which was originally about Kipling, and also works for Joplin.)
Dunno. I got the impression that the OP was looking for 50-pound bags of the stuff.
Another helpful tip: "storage" or "freezer" weight zip-top food bags, with a corner cut out, make good, serviceable, piping bags. "Sandwich" weight zip-top bags, and old-fashioned "Baggies," do NOT; they WILL blow out.
When I was much younger, chow mein noodles bound into clusters with the melted "Toll House morsels" of your choice (not being a chocolate eater, I opted for butterscotch) were a popular homemade confection. Haven't seen them in years.
Yes. Or as Alton would say, plastic glitter is definitely NOT "Good Eats."
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