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I'm not a lawyer, and neither do I play one on television, but I read it as, "if you are under the $20k limit, commercial-grade equipment is not required; if you're over it, commercial-grade equipment is required." This particular snippet of statute seems to be silent on any other health code compliance issues for home bakers, and so I'm sure there must be other laws that apply.
I've been refrigerating cakes (and donuts, and both refrigerating and freezing bread) for decades, and never -- not once -- have any dried out because of the refrigeration. And we typically keep them well over a week -- the last pieces of my Apollo Day cake (baked around lunchtime on July 20th, the 45th anniversary of the first manned moon landing, and decorated that afternoon) tasted quite fresh and moist (albeit cold, but I like my cake chilled) just after midnight, the...
Here's the dilemma: I've now got a rough design for a MacArthur Park cake, but to get something recognizable with trees, grass, paths, and the edge of the lake, on an 8" square cake, I'd have to do it at a scale of about one inch to ten feet. That would make the protagonists of the song (not to mention the "old men playing checkers by the trees) TINY, about half an inch tall.   Am I thinking too much like a model railroader?
Hmm. In just about every Unwrapped I've ever seen, that involved casting any kind of candy, the molds were made of corn starch. That might be helpful here. Or not.
Somehow, I don't think you're going to find it.   The only reason why pure gold leaf is edible (albeit awfully expensive to be putting through your digestive system) is because gold is almost completely inert (and certainly about as bio-inert a metal as you're likely to find).   Rose gold is an alloy of (typically) 25% copper, 75% gold. Copper isn't so bio-inert.
Of course, that still leaves open what exactly we're making our balls out of: Shortbread dough? Pressed cookie dough? Refrigerator cookie dough? "Toll House" dough? Something else?   And if you see anything suggestive about this post, then you have at least as dirty a mind as I do.
Beetroot? The very word reminds me of a line from an old Benny Hill song:
Caned beets? You get the juice out of beets by whacking them with a cane?!?   Or did you mean "canned beets"? Oh. That's very different. Nevermind.
All part of the service. Last night, I was watching the "Bobby Flay Throwdown" with "Cake Man Raven" and his red velvet cake. Interesting result: the judges marginally preferred Flay's somewhat less intensely red, slightly more cocoa-heavy cake to Raven's cake; Flay was apparently surprised, as he (and most of the "civilians") gave Raven's cake the nod. Personally, I don't find either one especially appetizing: on top of my 45-year-old cultivated loathing for chocolate, I...
The rips in the edible print are much more visible on the actual cake (or the picture at full resolution; as a matter of policy, I never send camera-resolution images anywhere other than my color laser printer or one of the digital print carrels at the local camera shop). If I were actually doing this professionally, I would undoubtedly have a sufficient assortment of food colorings to where I could paint over the rips, and if I were doing it for company, or for my office,...
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