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Thanks. My dad and I are in a GriefShare group. And yesterday, a small portion of the leftover food from the Memorial was served at the GriefShare meeting, and a much more substantial portion of it was donated to feed the hungry crew of volunteers doing a Stop Hunger Now project. All at the same church where we held the service. And I have it straight from the equine masticatory orifice that it was appreciated.
Is there another James here? I know I haven't baked or decorated a cake since the one for Gary's retirement party, two weeks ago, and I've never done one that could be described as "amaaazing." All I did all week was cookies and gingerbread.
Hmm. The football cake is very impressive, but it seems like entirely too much fuss over a lousy 25 cents (you know, they start with a coin toss, then spend the rest of the game trying to GET THE QUARTER BACK). Well, 239 shortbreads and four 9x13 gingerbreads, all of them ready for the memorial service tomorrow.
Welcome to the squirrel-cage, and look out for the nuts.   And, as my high school woodshop teacher put it, the only dumb questions are the ones that don't get asked.   I can offer you encouragement, but little practical advice, given that I've never done a layer cake, much less a tiered one. I will say, though, that putting anything in contact with your frosting that isn't rated as safe for food-contact runs a risk of leaching something nasty into it.
I only got the offset after I found that my straight one (although fine for applying "the family pattern" to a cake) tended to hang up on the rim of the pan, on "family-style" sheet cakes, and was generally lousy for troweling out flat-and-level areas for piping or edible print application.
Well, I keep my Bundt mold in a zip-top bag, when not in use. And I store my nice, heavy-duty Nordic Ware 9x13 (the one that has become my go-to pan for decorated sheet cakes) with the domed plastic lid on it (and have started keeping it in a zip-top bag as well). And my mixer has its own zip-top bag. I never bake directly on a cookie sheet; for cookies, I always use it inverted, with a foil liner (and typically have up to 3 or 4 pre-loaded liners waiting by the time the...
Two gingerbreads down (I suspect the first one was a bit overdone, so I knocked 10 minutes off the "toothpick test" time on this one; never thought a disposable pan would have an effect on the cooking time), two to go.
What, or who. People can be vectors as well, and unfortunately, we have a system in which the very people most likely to be handling food or food-contact implements (especially cheap ones) are often the least-likely to have paid sick-leave with which to quarantine themselves away from co-workers and customers. I count myself very fortunate that (with the exception of a couple of times when I had to go in briefly when something couldn't wait, but was still able to stay away...
The first gingerbread is now out of the oven.
Two double batches of shortbreads for the memorial service down (net acceptable combined yield: 239 cookies; maybe I over-aerated the flour on tonight's batch and it came up short of dough, but I ended up with 6 fewer cookies than last night's batch) Four 9x13 gingerbreads, a small block of Cracker Barrel cheddar reduced to cubes, a box of Keebler TownHouse crackers, and a bag each of her favorite potato chips and her favorite pretzels (and, I hope, a turkey-loaf from...
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