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Your first link didn't work for me.   Second link takes you to a recipe for white chocolate ganache.  Ever made that?   And sorry but if you have to make this in an hour and nobody answers for three hours, aren't you asking a little late?
It's easier if you use a small set of cutters to mark the outlines in a basic pattern.  Then you can pipe away in sections.
For this urgent quote: call around for your local price range for custom decorated cupcakes.  Pick whichever price you like best. Use that price also as a ":per serving" size for the cake on top.  The tire thingy should get an extra charge for "pain in the a$$$".   Fondant leaves can be simple or over-the-top fancy with individual painted spots.  Do something in the middle for this order.   Whenever you make decorated cakes, you can track the cost of ingredients...
Saying "Sorry I'm already booked" isn't a little white lie.    You will FOR SURE be spending at least a few minutes that day with a nice tall drink thinking of that poor sweet dear customer on the "no cake" list...right?
SPEW WARNING   I'm in a good but loopy mood...   Yah sure...where's the butter?  Oil?  Car Grease?  Texas Crude (a la Beverly Hillbillies) for "deep dark"  chocolate cake?   OK on a more pleassant topic, I just picked up the Toba Garrett Master Class book from the public library and will review it tomorrow...
You can try one more time: mix 1/4 cup of cold milk with egg yolks. Bring rest of milk and cornstarch and sugar to simmer.  Cook on medium heat stirring constantly with rubber spatula all over the bottom. Blend that slowly into the yolks and return the mixture for a final simmer.  This will have slow sticky bubbles rising from it when fully cooked, takes a lot of careful stirring.
Most shops that frame artwork sell the UV-protective plastic.  Ask them to order you a few full sheets and build a display case with that instead of regular glass.
Vendor "bluelakefox" selling from Canada sells cutters made in Argentina--Cortantes Cairo brand. Excellent quality, selection and service.   Anything made in China may well have lead solder so should be avoided.
Use icingimages ink if they sell ink that has been toned for Epson. They sell the highest quality you can buy.   Your other option is to check out because they sell proper refillable cartridges and ink by the bottle.    For Epson, you have to wait 2 minutes before replacing a refilled refillable cartridge. Otherwise printing one page per week is enough to keep Epson rpint heads clean.   Finally, you can buy the counter-resetting software on...
To find that posting, I used google "red velvet beet" and there are several good blog postings that come up.  You use canned or roasted whole beets not juice,  pureed so they make a nice moist cake.  You also need to skip the extra baking soda if you want red-beet cakes to stay red (soda turns that stuff blue...)
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