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thanks so much for the link, I appreciate the help!  I may have to try it
Thanks for the suggestion I never would have thougth of that, it does sound good. do you warm it up first?
sorry about the craving, lol I have tried that and didn't get anything worth using. I will try again. thanks for the help
I have looked everywhere, and I am not having much luck lol. I need a good recipe for a fudge filling. Thanks in advance.
I agree and so far it has got the most votes with everyone too. thanks again Pinky [/b]
That is a really cute idea, thank you so much. I will have to get my family focus groups opionon, but I love it. Pinky
I am looking for suggestions for names for my home based cake business. I love the color pink and my nick name is Pinky so I thought of including that in it, my grandchildren call my Meemaw so I thought about that. I do love bling and being different so I want it to be unique but not sound stupid. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks Pinky [/b]
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