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I'm not sure if there's a particular MM pan you're looking for, but just type "discontinued character cake pans" in your browser, and you will be directed to numerous sites with discontinued pans, decorations, etc.  Hope this helps.
Yeah it does, but hey! it's what I do and I love it!  SOMETIMES
Yes and No!  We had two cake cases.  One in which all three levels were lit.  The other case did not have a light in it for some reason.  All cakes were contained in individual cake domes, in which they were protected from the killer of moisture, "air".  
I worked in a bakery for over 15 years and one thing I noticed about our cakes is that the cakes that were on display, not refrigerated, lost moisture and became dry rather quickly.  Sometimes within a matter of a couple of days.   However, the cakes that were refrigerated or partially frozen, were extremely moist.   When customers would inquire about a fresh moist cake, I would ALWAYS, direct them to the refrigerated or partially frozen cakes.  I did not trust the cakes...
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