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This could have been my post last night! I was ready to throw it out the door. I do buy all of my ink cartridges from Icing Images where I purchased the printer so bargain ink was not the problem. I finally took the print head out and soaked it with the cleaner for about 30minutes. Amazing what came out of it! Put it back in and now it works like a charm. Maybe give that a try several times. Hope that works for you.
Icing Images has excellent sugar sheets (edible paper). They can be purchased in circles of various sizes so you don't have to cut everyone of them. You then size your logo to fit on the disc and set up your printer and print them. The backing circles can be cut from a fondant and gumpaste mix of 50/50. Let them dry overnight and attach the logos with a little shortening rubbed across the back. They will stay firm and your logo print will not run.
I clicked on this question to tell you to go to The are the best cutters ever! I see Ximenilla beat me to it!
Not sure what you are using it for but I have seen cakes at shows where caulking was used.
You can paint on a thin layer of piping gel where you want the snow to be and sprinkle with sanding sugar.
I would use the Wilton soccer ball pan for both. Maybe trim the head one down a little bit although they look to be about the same size.
It worked!
If you look in my gallery I have done a fish doing this 3 different times. I make them out of RKT cover them in 50/50 and use skewers to attach them into the cake. Never had a problem and they always overhang my cake board and do not touch it. I would post a pic but have not been able to figure out how on mobile device since they changed the site.
Best purchase I ever made! Only cut my self the first time I used it. Fast learner, I got my fingers out of the way the next time.
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