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My best guess would be a five petal cutter, slightly ruffled on the edges, bunched together in the center and attached. I just did a similar cake by cutting 1 1/2 inch circles and folding them for a ruffled effect but has a little different look than this.
What Leah_s said! Order SPS immediately! Viva paper towels work great on a crusting buttercream. I use indydeb's recipe found on here from time to time. Will smooth perfectly. Round is much easier to decorate than square. Good luck!
Don't miss it for anything! Cake decorator's Heaven.
The iPhone version works fine on iPad.
I did this technique using buttercream. Very simple and very fast. Learned it on Going to try and post the pic or the link. If I fail it is in my gallery.
I would make it out of Rice Krispie treats and cover it with fondant or modeling chocolate .
The White Almond Sour Cream cake recipe in the recipes on this site can't be beat! I never use the almond flavoring as I am not a an of almond. I just replace it with more vanilla.
If I'm not mistaken that is the Myan pyramid at Chichen Itza. Maybe some Myan symbols or relics could add some "flavor" to the cake board.
That is gorgeous! Love the contrast of the black, white and red and the way you used it. Great job with the molds.
I use a weeding tool but a hat pin, Dresden tool or anything with a slight point works. Just be cautious to not puncture your mold.
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