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Tal, if you are referring to my post , Craftsy is an online learning classroom. You purchase the video classes and watch them at your leisure and they are always available to you with material lists, questions and answers asked by other users and the instructor is always willing to help you with any questions you may have. I'm addicted!
Lauren Kitchens's Craftsy class called Gravity Defying Cakes is well with the purchase and would make this so simple for you. She uses copper tubing that is easily bent. Just a suggestion!
Leah_s, the poly dowels that I use are the GSA brand and they are 16" long and have groves internally that lock into the plates of the SPS just like the bakery craft ones do. They are thinner than the Bakery Craft ones so therefore much easier to cut with just a kitchen knife and I can customize the height of them for each cake.
Cakegrandma, all of my tiers are 4.5-5 inches tall and I use nothing but SPS. I buy the GSA poly dowels that are 16" long and cut them easily to the right height. They fit and lock into the plates perfectly. When I icing to the edges of my cake board the plate to the SPS is pretty much covered. I do usually put some type of border between tiers though.
Invest in the SPS system. Using it has relieved my stress level 100%, well almost! Lol!
I have the Canon 5320 and I purchased it thru Icing Images. I have had some difficulty with it but I think it is the nature of the beast. It works best when I use it a couple of times a week. Otherwise, I at least run a test sheet weekly. I am very happy with it overall and the customer service with Icing Images couldn't be any better. I also use their icing sheets. Hope this helps. Good luck!
I was searching for the same thing because I wanted them facing as well. I gave up and I ended up purchasing an ornament and making my own mold! Worked perfectly.
Perhaps a gift card to her favorite cake supply store. Even if it is an online store they most likely offer the option of a gift certificate. Is this what you are looking for?
I have only ever used Sugarveil. Sorry, I can't advise.
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