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I purchased an image like that from Silhouette and then use my cutter and edible sugar sheets. If you do not have a cutter you can still purchase the image and make a template from it and cut it out of gumpaste and fondant.
Very pretty cake! Love the colors and nice job with the chevron. Do think about getting some good photos of your cakes. It is a great way to build a portfolio of your work.
I bake and freeze all of my cakes and WASC is the one I use 99% of the time. I freeze them straight out of the oven hot, by wrapping in plastic wrap (Saran) and then wrap again loosely with foil. When I thaw it, I set it out for about 30 min. until condensation begins to form on the foil and then remove the plastic wrap. I again fold the foil loosely over the cake and let it continue to thaw. My cakes last up to a week I have had clients tell me. They are very moist and I...
Having to get rid of it after one year would make me Ill. I had done a lot of research as you did before I purchased the 5320. The reviews were the best by far. I have had tons of trouble with mine, some of it because I go a week or two without using it and I know that is not good for it. It is a very temperamental instrument and it doesn't always come thru for me when I need it to without a lot of work to get it to perform. Good luck with your replacement! Hope it goes...
Craftycakes That was the approach my husband was thinking of taking!
Mine is also the Canon 5320.
This could have been my post last night! I was ready to throw it out the door. I do buy all of my ink cartridges from Icing Images where I purchased the printer so bargain ink was not the problem. I finally took the print head out and soaked it with the cleaner for about 30minutes. Amazing what came out of it! Put it back in and now it works like a charm. Maybe give that a try several times. Hope that works for you.
Icing Images has excellent sugar sheets (edible paper). They can be purchased in circles of various sizes so you don't have to cut everyone of them. You then size your logo to fit on the disc and set up your printer and print them. The backing circles can be cut from a fondant and gumpaste mix of 50/50. Let them dry overnight and attach the logos with a little shortening rubbed across the back. They will stay firm and your logo print will not run.
I clicked on this question to tell you to go to The are the best cutters ever! I see Ximenilla beat me to it!
Not sure what you are using it for but I have seen cakes at shows where caulking was used.
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