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I am going to attempt to post the email I just received from Kimberly-Clark the maker of ViVa. They sent me a list of online places where they can be purchased as well. Dear Jan, I am so sorry you are having trouble finding VIVA® towels. I have done some research to try to help you and although I was not able to identify a local store, here are some options: 1. This product can be purchased online. Online retailers such as and even...
I have just sent an email to Viva. I will post reply as soon as they respond.
That's the worst news ever! Better stock up and hoard what I can!
I do it all the time. My batters are very similar in texture and density.
I am in Virginia, on the coast, and if you use gumpaste and don't roll it too thick and lay it on a paper towel to dry you should be fine for Sarurday. Flip it over as soon as it is firm enough and rotate it twice a day. Should be good by Friday.
I almost decided not to go this year because found the airfare to be rather high from VA. Then I came to my senses and realized I would have cried my eyes out had I missed it! Can't wait!
I would begin by looking at the Sugarveil , Clair Bowman and Cake Lace silicone mats. The mats are pretty pricey and there is a learning curve to the products by each company. The mats are interchangeable with the products so you may want to read reviews on the products before you purchase. I think the lace on the cake in the pic is real lace and not done from a mat. Hope this helps!
You will have the utmost confidence after watching the class. Lauren makes it so simple!
Post a pic when you are done!
It is awesome! I made my support all by myself without hubby's help and I am not a tool person. She really breaks it down and makes it simple and easy to do and the possibilities are endless once you understand the internal structure.
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