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Pretty sure it is rice paper but beyond that no clue! Absolutely time consuming by the looks of it.
OP says you mix a powder with hot water. Indydeb's doesn't do that.
I have done several fish cakes and I always take a small paint brush and paint the eyeball with piping gel. Works great but works best if done at the last possible minute so it retains the wet look. Once it dries it is not so shiny like a fish eye should be.
Was it Sugarshack's recipe and it was powdered coffee creamer?
Here is a link to the complete set. Cutter, veiner, and center mold. I have this one and it is very time saving to be able to mold the center. Their hydrangea leaf cutter and veiner is also awesome.
My Agbay!
I purchased an image like that from Silhouette and then use my cutter and edible sugar sheets. If you do not have a cutter you can still purchase the image and make a template from it and cut it out of gumpaste and fondant.
Very pretty cake! Love the colors and nice job with the chevron. Do think about getting some good photos of your cakes. It is a great way to build a portfolio of your work.
I bake and freeze all of my cakes and WASC is the one I use 99% of the time. I freeze them straight out of the oven hot, by wrapping in plastic wrap (Saran) and then wrap again loosely with foil. When I thaw it, I set it out for about 30 min. until condensation begins to form on the foil and then remove the plastic wrap. I again fold the foil loosely over the cake and let it continue to thaw. My cakes last up to a week I have had clients tell me. They are very moist and I...
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