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I do it all the time. My batters are very similar in texture and density.
I am in Virginia, on the coast, and if you use gumpaste and don't roll it too thick and lay it on a paper towel to dry you should be fine for Sarurday. Flip it over as soon as it is firm enough and rotate it twice a day. Should be good by Friday.
I almost decided not to go this year because found the airfare to be rather high from VA. Then I came to my senses and realized I would have cried my eyes out had I missed it! Can't wait!
I would begin by looking at the Sugarveil , Clair Bowman and Cake Lace silicone mats. The mats are pretty pricey and there is a learning curve to the products by each company. The mats are interchangeable with the products so you may want to read reviews on the products before you purchase. I think the lace on the cake in the pic is real lace and not done from a mat. Hope this helps!
You will have the utmost confidence after watching the class. Lauren makes it so simple!
Post a pic when you are done!
It is awesome! I made my support all by myself without hubby's help and I am not a tool person. She really breaks it down and makes it simple and easy to do and the possibilities are endless once you understand the internal structure.
Tal, if you are referring to my post , Craftsy is an online learning classroom. You purchase the video classes and watch them at your leisure and they are always available to you with material lists, questions and answers asked by other users and the instructor is always willing to help you with any questions you may have. I'm addicted!
Lauren Kitchens's Craftsy class called Gravity Defying Cakes is well with the purchase and would make this so simple for you. She uses copper tubing that is easily bent. Just a suggestion!
Leah_s, the poly dowels that I use are the GSA brand and they are 16" long and have groves internally that lock into the plates of the SPS just like the bakery craft ones do. They are thinner than the Bakery Craft ones so therefore much easier to cut with just a kitchen knife and I can customize the height of them for each cake.
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