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K8memphis I love it!
Try gravity defying cakes if you are just looking for crazy stacked cakes.
I have a new Martha Stewart stand that is the same way! It drives me crazy because no matter what I do the cake looks crooked!! Paid $50 for it but pretty sure it's going in the trash!!!
Thank you so much kakeladi! I may have to give this one a try!
Thank you so much K8memphis. I am not sure about the liquid. It could be possible that the butter I use could have changed its contents. I just know I haven't changed anything that I am doing! Very frustrating!
It is a WASC cake but that is the cake I always use!
Could someone please tell me what is happening to my crusting buttercream? This has just started happening with my last couple of cakes. I have not changed anything. My perfectly smooth buttercream wrinkles all by itself! It happens over night after the cake has set in a cool room for 8-10 hours. The first time it happened it was in the fridge which I almost never do. Thought that had caused it so I went back to room temp. Recipe is 1 stick butter, 1 1/4 cup sweetex, 2 1/4...
I watched every YouTube and read every post I could read! I have only been doing this for about 21/2 years. A huge help was joining Best $30 I ever spent. Good recipes and basic knowledge. I am a visual learner and have purchased tons of the Craftsy classes as well. They are awesome.
Thank you so much!
I have just made my first carrot cake and went with a recipe that called for DH Spice Cake mix and then added carrots, pineapple, and nuts. Does this cake need refrigeration? I will be using a crusting cream cheese that can be left out for a few days. Cake will be delivered tomorrow.
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