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July 30- August 2, 2015. I, also, was a newbie to decorating when I attended my first convention in 2011. I haven't missed one since! GO!
*Marsha* Winbeckler.
There is a Craftsy class by Matsha Winbeckler that is awesome on drapes and swags! I just watched it and used it on this cake this past weekend. It was a tremendous help!
Sugar Veil also makes a burlap mat. Works great if you dust it with cocoa powder first and then apply the Sugar Veil or Cake Lace. Comes out to look like the real thing!
I order mine from Global Sugar Art.
I prefer the Americolor pens but Wilton does make a fine tip and a bold tip. If you can find the fine tip you may find that small details are much easier to obtain!
It should not be a problem. I do it all the time when I use odd size cake pans I always drop to an even size separator because I never seem to have an odd size that I need!
I have them and use them ALL the time! Well worth the investment if you have the need. I use her letters as well.
I am a Mexican Vanilla lover. I use it only in my cakes and I use Wilton Clear Vanila in my icings. I am only a home hobby baker though and don't need massive quantities, although I do buy the Mexican vanilla in gallons.
I have only been decorating for a little over 2 years (I found decorating as a later in life passion) and I use nothing but buttercream except for accents I do use fondant. My customers don't want it and frankly I don't like it either. If you look thru my gallery you will see that I am neither old school, nor and old dog! I deliver what my customers want and that is really what matters isn't it? Never let someone with a "superior" attitude discourage what you know to be...
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