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Also, the circles in your pic are much smaller than the ones I used.
It's made up. Cut a circle that will serve as the base the size you want the flower to be. Then use a small circle cutter to make the petals. Beginning on the outside edge place your circles around, overlapping a little as petals would. Work your way inward staggering the petals. Hope this makes sense. I am going to attempt,to post a pic of a cake using this technique. Mine were done making them much more "cutsie" and less real looking but it is the same technique. When I...
I have seen several threads about trends, that we as cake decorators, would love to see end. I am just curious what you, as a decorator, would love to see be a new trend, or perhaps an old trend revived. Go............
I can't see them either.
Using edible images printed is not going to give you silver. I use all buttercream all the time and the only way I know you can achieve this it hour piping it would be to find cutters with different font styles , cut them out and luster dust them with silver.
The ONLY chocolate cake recipe I use is right here on this site. Type in Amazing Chocolate WASC cake into the search box. Rave reviews from all my customers.
I use nothing but a crusting buttercream icing and attach fondant and or fondant/gumpaste decorations all the time. They are done almost always 12-24 hours in advance of delivery. Never had any problems.
I am going to attempt to post the email I just received from Kimberly-Clark the maker of ViVa. They sent me a list of online places where they can be purchased as well. Dear Jan, I am so sorry you are having trouble finding VIVA® towels. I have done some research to try to help you and although I was not able to identify a local store, here are some options: 1. This product can be purchased online. Online retailers such as and even...
I have just sent an email to Viva. I will post reply as soon as they respond.
That's the worst news ever! Better stock up and hoard what I can!
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