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It should not be a problem. I do it all the time when I use odd size cake pans I always drop to an even size separator because I never seem to have an odd size that I need!
I have them and use them ALL the time! Well worth the investment if you have the need. I use her letters as well.
I am a Mexican Vanilla lover. I use it only in my cakes and I use Wilton Clear Vanila in my icings. I am only a home hobby baker though and don't need massive quantities, although I do buy the Mexican vanilla in gallons.
I have only been decorating for a little over 2 years (I found decorating as a later in life passion) and I use nothing but buttercream except for accents I do use fondant. My customers don't want it and frankly I don't like it either. If you look thru my gallery you will see that I am neither old school, nor and old dog! I deliver what my customers want and that is really what matters isn't it? Never let someone with a "superior" attitude discourage what you know to be...
I have been so excited about this since I.C.E.S. convention! Can't wait to see the color palette.
I have had a couple of classes with Wayne Steinkopf with Cake Lace and he does say if your oven is too hot it will bubble.
Never mind my comment! Reread the post and then realized what you were asking!
It is a buttercream rosette. Lots of tutorials available for this. Tips that can be used are 1M, 2D, or for a smaller one a 21. Practice makes perfect with these but technique is very simple.
Pretty sure that is hand piped.
Someone shared the link with me on my FB page. My jaw dropped open. It was incredible and I can't begin to fathom how they did it. Guess it's part of the magic!
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