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I'm sorry, but I have to ask why accept making a cake for client without giving the actual price it'll cost them? Doesn't really make sense to me...
I would pipe the decoration first then cover the cake in clear sugar crystals. The sugar crystals shouldn't cover-up the decoration since they're clear.   Or you can cover the fondant in clear piping gel and go around the decoration, then cover the cake in clear sugar crystals and the decoration would stand out a little more since it would have a different texture.   Hope this helps!
I thought you were actually cheap for all the work and detail that goes into the cake. There are many kinds of people and sometimes they appreciate the work and sometimes they just want a cake for the price they want. Trust me one prospect will think its too high but two more will come and appreciate the work. It's ok though we just have to brush your shoulders off and keep
Thank You for the advice!
I guys, I need a couple of tips.   I usually make my cake decorations a couple of days in advance just to speed up the process and I'm finding that I am having a little trouble having with my fondant keeping its shape and it's taking a little long to dry. I've combined fondant and gumpaste and it seemed to work, but some people would rather have all fondant. Is the fondant not dense enough or is there a little trick I can use?   I need advice
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