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Do you have to put chocolate food coloring to make it a dark brown color?  Every time I make chocolate frosting it is a light brown color.
I had some strawberry from a sleeve and froze it and when I took it out didn't like the texture.  It was not as smooth as before I froze it so I didn't use it.
Sorry senior  I was debating if I should make spreadable caramel or a caramel buttercream.  I have never made rum cake maybe give it a try.  Do you just use your standard buttercream for frosting with the rum??  Mine has an almond flavor to it.
Never thought of caramel icing.  That would work with a white cake.  What about nuts in the cake or would that me to much??
Yeah that is similar to a salted nut roll candy bar.
Ok want to make a salted nut roll cupcake.  Has anyone ever made this and have a good recipe??  I thought about a white cake and then caramel frosting??
So did you have to cook them any longer??
I was wondering if anyone has every mixed some filling from a sleeve into there cake??  I make a doctored white cake and was wondering if I could mix in some strawberry filling and if show how much??  I use the wasc recipe and wonder if I put in a 1 cup will it change the texture.   I have used it in buttercream and it is awesome but never tried it in a actual cake.
Just wondering if this makes good cupcakes??  Right now I use the WASC recipe but would like to start baking from scratch.
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