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Are you going to be the only cake decorator? Will you have to place orders for kits, etc? Because if so, you will have to order from Bakery craft and Decopac. Bakery craft is where you are going to buy pretty much everything. You may also have to do inventory ever month. Which means counting the products in your freezer, kits, sprinkles, sprays, gels and etc. It's not my favorite it can take half a day or more.... Plus having orders on top of that. Always plan on getting...
The place will run you down a bit.
Someone got paid nicely I'm sure.... doesn't that creep you out? I love Dexter, but, wow....
A 8" cake usually takes about 15-20 minutes to thaw out. I WOULD NOT frost the cake if it is cool to the touch. The buttercreme will crack. You want it to be slightly warm. Make sure when you wrap them to make it air tight. 
I work at a WM bakery. All I get is last minute orders and "Can I have a cake in an hour or 15 minutes?"  My favorite is when they come in 10 minutes before I leave and want a cake an hour or two before I get there.   -______-    How do you forget the birth of your child? I've been thinking about what to do for my daughters birthday before she was born. 
Was one made out of cheese and fruit? I love the dress cake. I think they should have said NON Trad. cakes, but some of them and really amazing. Like the "UP" one.  Is there a video to the one with Cake Boss? 
I'm pretty sure it was in a box with dirty nails in a junk box. That's why I have some concern.
My boyfriend dipped a paper clip in my coloring gel and used it to decorate fondant bowling balls.... *Cringe*    I'm curious if I have to throw them away now? 
I grow tired of orders like.... "I would like red and green on the cake, do whatever you like."  or "Make it camo do whatever." Then they come back and say.... "That's a nice cake....but that isn't at all what I wanted." or they flip out about how it is totally wrong with a sour face. I'm not a mind reader. I need more detail of what you would like, instead of saying do whatever you think is best. :/ 
How did you want to decorate them? You could go simple, base frosted and simple decorating.  
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