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I wasn't wanting one decorated just not a cardboard one. I would prefer just a simple clear one
I am searching for a large cupcake stand that can hold about 200-250 cupcakes and a 6-8in cake on top.  Its for a wedding so I need a nice one and don't really want to have to decorate everything on it.  Anyone have one I can buy or know a good place to get one?
I could use some suggestions for a home based bakery I am starting. To tell you a little about myself and business, it will be from my home. My name is Jen. I am working this busniess to make some extra $ while I stay at home with my two young boys. Most of my recipies are from my mom, grandma, ect. I really want something original but not too "fancy" sounding as the thought behind this business is more of making something home made, with love to make some one smile ...
it is so sad! where in AL are you moving to?
any word on when a decision will be made on this? i just found out we are moving to AL and just saw this post. I guess it is too late to send a letter in??
any one know any progress on Alabama or what there restrictions are? we are moving there and i really want to keep my business from home!
I am hoping someone can help me out here. We will be moving to Alabama in a month and I was planing on starting a very small bakery/cake decorating type business out of our home when we move. I am finding mixed information online and am also getting mixed answers from people. AL does have a cottage food law but has some restrictions. Does anyone know if it is legal to have a bakery from home in AL? Is there anyone here from AL that bakes from home? I am going to be...
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