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I've also seen them use poppy seeds - kinda gives you that grainy texture (almost like a tarmac road if I look at it closely). brush your fondant with water and press the poppy seeds in lightly.
there were a couple posts about this yesterday I think, where the link to this was posted, but I can't find it now.However I would think to recreate the shape would be simple, to get that shiny look either fondant that is painted/airbrushed with pearl lustre dust. OR a kind of poured RI which you would get a somewhat glassy look, and definitely the high gloss? Let us know if you do it and how!
Its not a real cake, its glass actually....
I would do the swirls in RI, let dry and then paint the swirls in gold lustre.I don't think you can get a true gold (with a shine too) in the actual icing.... I would do the swirls in a cream or ivory colour then paint. Good luck!
um Pundsovers... I don't get your post? Are you trying to advertise your bakery or did someone ask you to provide that info?Thats great that you thanked the writers for the info... but I don't think the forums are the place to get free advertising.
3D-sweets, thanks yes thats what I was thinking, will try it out, thank you!The chocolate mould would work best I think, I've never done that kind so will practice it and see what works best.I don't normally take orders, just doing this for family and friends but this girl loved the look and taste of my cakes and doesn't want to take no for an answer. So I'll have to figure it out!Appreciate all your tips!!
Kakeladi - thanks for the tips. I agree, I think I would have to partly assemble and finish at the venue. I didn't know dummy's were hollow, now she also says she wants the "ball" to be partly open and their names to be inside with the rings. How on earth....???Leah - Thanks for the reply.How do you stack a dummy ball cake? Same as cake, with dowels? Any tips for keeping it from rolling off?
Sorry, the pic did not paste in... lets try attaching. Thanx!
Hi everyone! Have been asked by a friend to do this cake for her engagement (traditional muslim wedding). She wants the ball cake to be a dummy (to hold the engagement rings) and the second layer to hold a gift inside, also dummy cake. I need some tips and guidance please as I have not done any dummy cakes before...1) Are dummy cakes hollow? To put something inside?2) Any tips for covering the ball cake?3) Any tips for stacking this cake so that is very sturdy - would have...
Thanks Cakegal! Will have to get the proper 1M tip
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