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Yes, it was flipped. I piped using a mirror image print. The image itself was fine. Its the last bit I did over the whole thing (the pink part around the image).
Any help would be appreciated, I have another one to do soon and would want to get that perfect.
Hi there   Not sure if you were able to fix it, as its now much later of course. BUT when I've worked with coloured buttercream, if the first layer has crusted, and you then go over some areas etc (With the same buttercream batch) then it will look lighter. BUT you just leave it be and as it dries the colours will blend.
  Hi there   I did my very first frozen buttercream transfer, and it didn't come out too bad for that, could have been better though. What I did after I made the minnie mouse, is I made a circle on my wax paper the size of the top of the cake, and iced over my design so that the whole thing would cover the top of the cake. Ok so the problem is: 1) When I iced over everything, I did go over it with my spatula to make it as flat as possible, but as you can see...
awesome, thanks!
Thanks!! Ok I will try that. The top of the cake is actually fondant, not ribbon (I'm going to use chocolate fondant actually), so will have to get it really smooth to work. Can I order from this place online? Will check, if I can get it now then I can test it. I did order a damask stencil anyways (I'm sure i will use it again) and will try that too.   Appreciate it!
Hi fellow South African!! I'm in Benoni, Gauteng... I get mine printed at Zito's. The paper they print on is quite thick, in fact it never actually dissolves into the icing and leaving behind the image, like it should. If you have any tips that would be great!
Thanks for your idea. I did think of that but the edible image prints we get here ( I don't have a printer so I get it done), they do it on rice paper which seems very thick, and tends to get wrinkles/lift at corners, even when I apply it the correct way. Also I thought the stenciled look gives it some texture too instead of a plain flat print.
Hi, I have an order for December for this cake. the bottom tier design is stumping me. I assume a stencil was used with RI (perhaps overpiping then?). So firstly, I can't find such a stencil so I might go with my damask stencil instead as the client says she doesn't mind any particular design of this kind. BUT I'd like to get it the same if possible. Second, how do you stencil close to each other if your stencil is say only, 270mmx100mm in size but needs to cover...
Thank you! The second one is the one I was looking for.. when I searched "How to make flowers with no tools" I just couldn't find this one. Thats great, I"m going to use that.And do cupcakes either with a kiddies theme or a Christmas theme for the upcoming holidays. Appreciate u taking the time, thx!
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