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I completely agree with the setup of contracts etc. Awesome that the owner is now taking that up. I can see how the OP is so involved - here this type of bakery business requires close knit staff and the OP sounds like the kind of value employee an owner would consult or bounce ideas off etc. Aside from that... In SA most bakeries don't do any signed contracts etc for cakes, you pay and you collect. WEdding cakes or large functions cake would of course require contracts...
ScrumDiddly, I get that and if its done right it looks awesome. Perhaps she was going for a rainbow cake, BUT that's definitely not the way to do it. On the layers towards the bottom there's bits of green in the sponge, makes it look moldy. Ugh.
And why is the sponge inside GREEN!  Those layers look horrendous, and no crumb coat even?   I can almost forgive a "baker" who thinks they can accomplish something and can't in the decorating arena. But to "bake" something like that and expect someone to eat it? Sorry, no can do.
My question also... did you use a cake board between the tiers or just the dowels?
Hi Amaniemom   Its hard to say what went wrong without your recipe, so tell us that and how long you baked, how much did you fill the tins... etc.   What I can say is that I use a skewer, not a toothpick to check my cakes. the toothpick is short so you may have only checked the very top of the cake and not through to the middle that way. It might have needed like 5 more minutes perhaps to get the very middle done.   Good  luck!
GoDot... you kill me!
Hi KJithoo - welcome to SA. Which part of South Africa are you in? Fondant is easily found in most areas. Normally is called Pettinince or rolled Fondant. Now Pick n Pay, Checkers and Spar stocks these too - but this is too expensive and you need to find a good baking supplies store rather. Recently we also get Satin Ice in stores.
I think I understand what the OP means... its not about it falling apart when stacked and standing.   I like tall tiers, they look much more elegant. But the problem is when cutting them, into slices they fall over on the serving plate. Even once you've cut half the cake, the other half starts leaning. You have to be so careful when cutting. I guess you should always be but at the same time it does make for untidy slices.   Well this has been my...
Re the repeat posts, I see its been removed, if I'm correct. Thanks to the Mods for that!! If Atemanli is still online and wants to introduce herself or has something to ask, I"m sure cc'ers would be most welcoming. At least thats what I got when I first joined.
Atemanli - you don't need to go into every single thread that you like and comment "I like...". That is then for Facebook. Of course everyone has the right to comment on a thread and express their opinions, but by doing what you've done now you have filled up the first pages with a ton of old threads as when you do comment it brings it to the front pages and we have to browse through all that before we can see what is happening.   This is quite annoying.
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