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Hi, thanks for your reply, I thought the same, but couldn't figure out how they made the foil twine stand up, because when you use it on presents its floppy!  Maybe they stuck a wire under it?
I've been asked to make a cake topper like this, I know how to do stars on wires, but what are the thicker ribbon like wires?  Anyone know? (i'm in th UK)
so you think Pearl lustre spray is the right thing to use?  I just looked online and see they do a clear one, maybe I should get that?
Hi everyone,  I am making a wedding cake, Tiffany style with white ribbon and bow.  I have made the bows and sprayed them with PME pearl lustre dust, but now they look cream!  Did I spray too much on?  I used it after reading many thread on here saying that was the best thing to use, but I need the ribbon to still look white.  Any ideas? need urgent answers.  Thanks
Hi,  I have been asked to make a three tiered stacked tiffany box wedding cake.  What is the best method for getting the box lid look and then stacking another tier on top of that?  I have read the comments about turning the cake tin over and using gumpaste to shape a lid that way, but will it crack when attempting to stack another tier on top?   ~Also, worried it might not give a nice fitted lid look. Any tips would be most helpful.
I think the trick is getting the right ratio of ingredients. For a vanilla sponge try Peggy Porschen recipe, also cream your butter and sugar until very pale and creamy then add your beaten eggs very very slowly. Works for me
Hi, I am in the UK and when i visit florida I love the frosting that Walmart put on their birthday cakes/cupcakes. It is so light and fluffy. Does anyone have the recipe for this kind of frosting? I tried making the Fluffy Marshmallow Frosting, but this just tasted like uncooked meringue mixture!
Hi, I am only just starting to be asked to bake cakes for strangers, up until now I have just done cakes for family and friends. I have been asked how much I would charge do make a Square 4 tier wedding cake, bottom tier fruit and 3 more tiers in sponge. They want it fairly plainly decorated, with just a few flowers on the sides. They forwarded a link to one on the M&S website that they like...
Hi, thanks for your reply. I have just spoken with the client and she says she will go with whatever I feel looks best (thank goodness) as I tried the silver jewel glitter dust on a practice cake and the effect just looked tacky. I think it best I go with just a pearlescent lustre dust to give the sparkly effect and then add some glitter ribbon and edible sparkle stars in stretegic places. Thanks for your input though, much appreciated.
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