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Your wife is very fortunate for that! thank you for all of your help & advice
it looks as if they amended the bill again
in my area there is a local chocolate shop that is willing to rent out their kitchen daily, weekly, monthly, etc. it doesnt hurt to ask!
I live in california & I am considering starting my own business. If the commercial kitchen I am planning on renting from is in city "a", but I only plan on selling my products in city "b", do i need a business license in both cities?Also, how did you write your business plan? Did you have a partner? Did your local SCORE chapter help? I have a lot of experience in baking, I just have no experience in the business aspect.
I did an experiment last night. I cooked 1 batch right away, there was a slight dome. I cooked another batch 30 mins later and I had a perfect dome!!
So I have been experimenting with perfecting a chocolate cupcake recipe that is moist, with a perfect dome on top. So far, I'm starting to believe it has to be one way or the otherI have a GREAT tasting recipe that is light, fluffy and moist (recipe A)but the problem is that the batter is so thin, so it has very little structure & therefore is super flat.I have another wonderful recipe that domes perfectly (recipe B), but is not as moist as I would like it to be (its the...
umm.. the only thing i could think of is using cupcake wrappers ? It doesn't seem like a very feasible idea, considering that she doesnt want to use fondant either.
i recommend glazing strawberries before sticking them on cupcakes. It keeps them from drying out if they're cut and it prevents bleeding
It seems as if society is slowly getting over the craze, so my honest opinion would be to have a variety of baked goods that you can offer. You have to evolve with your customer's needs!
So I've read on several blogs that they believe that letting the batter rest is key to creating a true perfect dome. Not the "sudden blast of heat" method that creates the volcano peak cupcakes. Does anyone have any experience with this method? If so how did it turn out?
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