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To me the bottom layer looks 4", then 2" and 2". Guessed looking at the flowers. 
The plane looks awesome. Though I didn't post a reply, I've been following yours and others. I admire your courage and determination. I would have liked a little bit of color on the wedding cake. But it was beautiful. Wish you all the best!
I have renter's insurance... Will call them first thing tomorrow morning... Thanks K8memphis... I was going around checking other insurance options... just two months in the business... I must say everything I learned about the business, I learnt from cake central... When in doubt... Always check with cake central members... . Sometimes even my husband asks me 'did you try asking cc members' .
I checked with the Ohio health department, they assured I don't need license. However, I need to get the insurance. I need to account for advertising, that's something I forgot. I'm still starting out. So, website and the accounting software expenses are yet to come. But I really need to get the insurance. I read in several posts in cake central about that.
For ingredients it's cost me about $7. I'm doing from home. So, the only overhead I have is electricity. For everything I take about 1.30 hours.    My initial price for 8" was $35 for 20 servings. When that lady told me She charges only $25 I got a little concerned. She is actually my teacher and she has been doing that for several years now.   Almost all the cakes I did were custom cakes which required a lot of work. So I have not actually charged this price...
I have thought so too... This pricing I learnt from an experience baker here. I hardly abide by. Her per serving price is $1.65. I'm doing a 3 tier birthday Cake today. I went by the wilton wedding cake serving size and charged per serving. Her cupcake is $1 and I charge $1.75 each. Was thinking I'm charging too much. Good to know I'm not. 
Hey my mistake 8" :)
It is the Price here. If I'm doing a custom cake I charge about $1.75 per serving. and double the amount for fondant. FYI: My servings for a 8' is about 15 pieces from the 
OMG! dkltll That was hillarious! I loved your responses!
I think your thought is good, but financially you'll have some set backs. Kids birthday cakes are usually very elaborate designs with fondant figures or shaped cakes. Those can easily cost you more.   Recently I did a cake for a family friend's son (the picture in my profile). They offered to pay. I couldn't ask for a big amount. I said $50. If I did that for a customer I could have asked about $110. Those fondant figures can be very time consuming. So the additional...
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