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I had to deliver a birthday cake, a smash cake and 120 cupcakes for first birthday party on Saturday.    Today the customer had sent me an email saying the cake was dry. I'm surprised. After doing cakes for an year this is the first time I got a feed back like that. Now he wants a refund. At the delivery, he told the cake was not really symmetrical. So, I refunded $95 at that point too.    The order was done in very short notice as well. I'm really upset about. I...
I tried calling the Secretary. of state. Wasn't much help. I anyway got registered for a conference which teaches how to run a small business. So, if I am the only owner, I don't necessarily need a license? 
What type of license should I take? I do the business, but my husband helps me. He has his own job though 
I will call them. First thought of getting some insight from the people who went through the procedure! Thanks a lot Jason. You have been really helpful. Appreciate it!
Hi Michelle,    I do a home based cake business in Columbus. Since I fall under the Cottage Law, Dept. Ag said no need for license (No intention of baking Cheese cakes either). But I need to register the business I guess. Can you lend me a hand on that? I'm clueless about everything. 
I also have a problem with the oven rack. Top rack is slightly slanted, so all my cakes are a little slanted. The worst thing is I notice the slant when I'm finally done smoothing the butter cream. I need to fix this ASAP. 
I have a husband who hates to see a messy kitchen. His policy is - If I don't clean it he would. Easy for me. Though I feel guilty sometimes. 
Hi,    I have a question. Thanks to CC members I realized I need to get a business license, though I don't need a license from health dept.      This is my second month in the business and I'm clueless about the procedure. How did you all get your license? How much did it cost monthly/Annually?    Thanks a million!
Oh! :)... 
Agree with vgcea. I also started out doing cakes with Wilton. Doing their classes, buying their products. But I have outgrown them now. I prefer other brands over wilton now. Most wilton gel colors doesn't give the exact color. Americolor does. And their tools are over priced sometimes. 
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