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That's exactly what I was thinking to do. He offered to pay in credit. I said no I need cash. After the delivery he gave me check. I deposited on my way back. Just to make sure. Good thing I read threads on this forum regularly. I at least have an idea what to expect. 
Oh MY GOD! I don't want to do anymore cakes to that Man! Gave me enough heartaches! He was the most unorganized customer I have ever met. Until he sent me the deposit 4 days before the order I didn't believe that it was an actual order. 
I Agree! I have done 3 jobs so far. Not in America. It is challenging sometimes to find out that everything you've been used to is different here. I'm getting the hang of it though. Takes a little time and hands on experience. 
Thank you so much! Means a lot to me. 
K8memphis! Thank you for your words! I felt horrible after the incident. I have another order to deliver next weekend. I had lost my spirit!    I even doubted my abilities and seriously thought about giving up. I love baking cakes and decorating. At the start up I used to offer my friends to give cakes just because i wanted to decorate a cake. Incidents like this can be really depressing and this is a first. So, I needed a lot of time to get use to that. In the past...
I love all the ideas all of you have! I'm a still an beginner in this business. Sometimes I'm tempted to jump and give all the details out in good faith. Happened the worse once.(Took the design and ran away). So, determined to not to do that mistake again. 
Jason - I sent him a reply addressing all his concerns.    Cakegrandma - I told him that too. My husband who is very critical about the taste of my cakes, said this is cake is tasty on his first bite. When I gave him to taste.    BakingIrene - I learnt my lessons. It wasn't worth anything I did. the customer was very wavy about the order, I didn't even believe I had a real order until  I received the deposit. That was also two days after the day he promised. I...
He is asking for a further refund of $150
No Jason, he emailed me that he didn't like the cake. The entire order was $545. then I refunded $95 at the delivery.    The order included Birthday cake -$230 Smash cake -$25 120 Cupcakes $240 5 Cupcake stands $50
I did sample the cake. It was one of the best cakes I have made. It tasted great
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