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Sorry about the spelling. Lol I'm on my kindle. Not food flooring its suppose to be food coloring.
What I did was measure the circumference of your cake, then the height. Mix fondant and gumpaste together (equal parts). Roll it out and measure your fondant/ gumpastemix. Mark the circumference of your cake, cut it. Then measure the height and add a inch to that, cut that. Cut it into how ever many planks you wish. Take a fork and run markings iver each of your planks to gibe it the wood grain look. Let it sit out for about 2 days. Then take your brown food flooring and...
Thank you so much. I will try it!!!
Does anyone have a good recipe for key lime cupcakes and/or cake? I have tried a couple and even though the taste was ok it didn't rise at all. The texture was gross and weird. THANK YOU!
Where can you buy the silhouette?
I would have charged her more. That cake is BEAUTIFUL. I hope you didn't give her the cake for free. I'm sorry some people are jerks. Please don't give up.
This is a very popular cake that I do. Go to a adult toystore and they sell blobs cake pans. That's what I did. I also use the soccor ball cake pan for the belly and put it on top of a sheet cake. Hth
I'm making a beer bucket cake for my finance for this Saturday. I'm not sure if I should use my ice mold or just make a slab of it and break it into pieces. If I do the slab do I just pour the isomalt onto wax paper and just break it? What id the best way to do thus? Also should I make it today (Wednesday) for saturday or just wait until Friday? I cant do it tomorrow because my fiance is off work and its a surprise.
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