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I could be wrong, but I took "WM" to mean WalMart
I always try to use unsealed butter because I like to control the amount of salt in the recipe. You can just add a bit of salt for taste if your recipe calls for slated butter
1"x2"x4" (or 8 cubic inches) is the standard serving size for wedding cakes. You can always ask the bride what size she would prefer if you are unsure and adjust price and ingredients accordingly
Slightly off topic, but are wedding tiers ALL four inches tall? I've heard that the cake looks distorted when the 14" tier I the same thickness as the 6" tier. Is this true?
I used to make my ribbons out of fondant but they always came out kind of floppy looking. I think gum paste is the way to go. It dries much harder and will keep its shape. I would also do it a couple days ahead to give it time to hold its shape
I don't know if there are laws or requirements that must be met... But have you thought about volunteers or interns? There are so many people out there who would love to volunteer at a bakery either to learn new skills, meet school requirements or as a hobby. If you find someone you really like & want to keep then you can always offer them a paid position at that time.
How about a dummy cake? Get the cake done way before the wedding so you won't be stressed before your big day. You could even design it so that one of the smaller tiers is real cake for cutting w the groom.
My website was done by
I can't wait to rea it Mimi! Keep me posted
Thanks so much Mimi. I actually have read your book "start & run a home based food business" twice & keep it for a reference. It's wonderful! I liked your Facebook page back
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