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So I chose to use the royal icing for my dummies and actually got them all iced today! :D  The RI worked perfectly for what I needed and dried very hard.  I used Antonia74's royal icing recipe minus the cream of tartar (my Wilton meringue powder already contained cream of tartar).  Here's a pic of the results...  
Thank you both SO much! Super helpful info! You have definitely talked me out of my spackle idea lol.  Do you suggest any RI recipe in particular?
Thanks for the replies! I am definitely open to using royal icing.  Will it hold up ok since I'm making it 3 weeks in advance? Also, reusing the dummies isn't a factor.  Since I'm in the wedding I've decided to just let the venue dispose of the cake at the end so I won't have to worry about it and can just enjoy the night with my sister.  I know indideby says her buttercream recipe hardens solid for displays. Would this be a good idea or is RI better? Thanks again! :)
So I will be making a beach themed cake for my sister's wedding at the end of the month (April 20th). Since I will be in the bridal party, I am trying to get as much done for the cake ahead of time as possible. The wedding will be 100 people, however the cake will be 9 tiers. Therefore, only the bottom tier will be real cake and the rest will be dummy cake. My sister wants the cake to have no fondant, but instead wants buttercream with a textured design.  The cake will...
Customer: "hi! I'd like to schedule an appointment for a tasting" Me:  "sure, how many people will you be serving at your event?" Customer: "its a birthday cake so about 5 people"    they seem to change their mind when they find out there is a fee for tastings 
It's possible that the oven you're using isn't calibrated correctly. It may be hotter than the temp you are setting it to. You could easily find this out by buying a thermometer. If this turns out to be the case, adjust by lowering the oven temperature accordingly.However, if you are baking from scratch, the recipe may also be the issue. Possibly too much wet ingredients. Good luck and hope you figure it out in time!
I really like the idea of only using the insurance when I need it. I will have to bring that up when I speak w the agent again. Thanks! Great idea!!
Thanks Jason. I called State Farm and they sent me to BBIMI. I'm waiting to hear back from the agent with more info and a quote.
I will be making a wedding cake for my sister this spring. However, I am still in the beginning stages of starting my business. The venue she wants to use requires liability insurance from outside bakers and I do not yet have any. The woman my sister spoke with at the venue said that some outside bakers have purchased liability insurance for only a day or two so they would be covered at the time of the event. I had never heard of this before and it is something I would...
That's fine. I have seen bakeries put completed cupcakes (frosting, sprinkles & all) in the plastic cupcake containers and then freeze them. You don't need the plastic wrap unless maybe you plan to leave them in the freezer for a VERY long time
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