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Thanks all. I'll give it a go. It is heavy on the butter but the end result is 'usually' perfectly light for cupcakes.
Single recipe: 1 1/2 cups butter 3 cups conf. Sugar 2 tbsp heavy cream 1 tbsp vanilla When I quadrupled I only added 5 tbsp heavy cream and 2 tbsp vanilla. Thank you
  @Cupadeecakes when you say to scroll down are you referring to the added bonus Mikes Buttercream?
I just found Mike's Buttercream recipe which is basically a cross between the two but made at the same time.  It's fantastic!
Thank you for your response :-) I whipped up a batch of Swiss Meringue yesterday (was happy that it worked with AllWhites liquid egg whites) and added powder sugar to it.  It did take it to a sweeter level but the butter taste was still very prevalent.  I used it on a Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake though so the "butter" flavor went very well with the peanut butter. Today I will use some of the American Buttercream I made and mix it in with the Swiss.  I've tried that...
Good morning, I've attempted Sharon's (Sugar Shack) method of making perfectly smooth icing in the past.  I used Sweetex and followed the recipe for a 6 qt mixer.  Unfortunately it was a disaster as it had tons of air bubbles and the frosting kept coming up over the sides.  Yes, the blade was fully submerged.  I know it is trial and error with this method and likely I'd have to use less.    Here is my question though...I do not need a crusting buttercream because...
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