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Thank you so much for your reply and for all the tips! After all the worrying, I ended up not covering it in fondant. I liked the way it looked with just the ganache. It's the first time I've worked with it and I absolutely love it! It's so much easier to work with and after struggling with buttercream to achieve a smooth finish I think this will be my first choice. You can see the picture on the cake on my gallery. I'm so happy it came out fine and everyone loved it! I...
I have a cake I need to do and I'm deciding what is the best way to cover a beer mug cake. It's going to be 7-8 layers 8inch cake. It's probably going to be about 10 inches high so I'm worried about how I should cover it in fondant. Should I drape it like the usual way or wrap it around. I'm just worried the fondant would slide down if I did the wrap around method. Also, if I used Swiss Merigue buttercream underneath the fondant would it hold? I know if its in room...
I was wondering the same because I don't have a half sheet pan. If you sandwich them together and put buttercream and cover with fondant I'm afraid it will have a crease in the middle. What can i do to prevent that?
How do I make those grass skirts I've seen on the round cakes? I've though about just using a knife and cutting the lines but I'd want them to look all even. Has anyone ever done this before?
I am making a birthday cake for my nephew for his 16th birthday. The birthday boy will be going to Paris with his friends for the summer as a gift from his parents so I thought making a 2 tiered suitcase would be perfect but I will also be making 100 cake pops, an 8 inch with basketball on top for his brother who is also having a birthday. The party is for Friday Night. But, I also have a 2 tier cake (8,6 inch), 100 cake pops to do for a friend Sunday afternoon party....
My brother asked me to make 16 cakes for my nephews 16th bday. I haven't said yes because I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to take on such a task. He didn't exactly say mini cakes but looks more like maybe 4-6 inch individual cakes. How far ahead can I bake, fill, frost, and cover in fondant? Since they'll be so many I'm worried I wont have any time.
My niece asked me to make a MAC make up cake for her. I've got everything figured except on how to make the cover which stands up on the large pallet of eyeshadows. Does anyone know what I use or how I can make the open cover?
Sharon Zambito has a really great video on making book cakes.
Thank you! I'll try that. I just hope I don't disappoint. It's for a good friend of mine
Thank you all for your advice. Do I put the board underneath the fondant before I cover the entire cake to hide it? Or do I cut another board about the same size as the figures and place on top of covered cake with dowels underneath so it's hidden?This is an example of how id like it to look.
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