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I have a last min order for a 12" cake as a personal request and dont have any ideas on how to make a nice fun design in such a short notice.   It's a cake for a 1st anniversary of the community thats deals with social justice issues and also offers free tutoring program.  The main colors are Red, yellow, black/brown.   I would really like to do something purely with buttercream as fondant would take too long. I do have a few cans of wilton spray mist and can always...
Since I dont have a airbrush I guess my 2nd option is what color to use to make MMF fondant in a similar dark color? Royal blue?
Will be making this cake this weekend and I have no clue how to get the blue to look like this?  Any suggestions?
It seems like this is the easiest way to roll out fondant but looking online it doesnt look like have a very large width option.  Are these attachments/rollers only good for 8" or smaller cakes?    Basically looking for a pasta roller OR an attachment I can use with my cuisinart mixer (I dont see any for my brand, would a kitchenaid one work?) that I can use to roll out fondant to cover cakes upto 12" if possible. Looking to stay under $75.
Ok I've thought about asking this from you ladies since many of you do this on a regular basis.  I've self-taught myself through this board and online to bake and have recently started doing this for clients as well on the side of my cake pop business but need help with a few things.   Lets assume it's a 8" cake single tier cake...   -What size of a cake board do you use at the bottom?  I guess it depends on the fact if you want the bottom to show a lot say for...
Thanks so I'll have to make both of those colors myself by mixing? Got it :)
So I have a order for a grey/yellow bridal shower cakepop basket and realised I've never seen either colors as candy melts.  Any tips to achieve the softness in the colors? Looking to re-create the same colors and afraid even if I find ready made candymelts they might be gravestone grey and banana yellow? lol Any suggestions?  Specifically in Toronto/GTA?   Also what are those small white pearl-like things called?  
Just wanted to update in the hopes it helps someone else making large amounts of cake pops.  I doubled the WASC recipe and bake it in a 14" cake pan and was able to get approx 120 cake pops from the entire cake after trimming off the slightly browned bottom and edge of the cake.  Makes life so much easier when you know how many cakes you need before starting to work on large orders.  
Thanks but I have no issues making regular cake pops..actually just made over 200 yesterday.  Its specifically the golf ball shaped ones Im inquiring about. 
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