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Can a doll (Elsa/Frozen) cake be made without a doll mold?  The things is I dont need it to be a very big cake either.  Was doing for approx 6" cake size as I wanted to add it on top of an 8" round cake.  The doll is approx 12" tall...any way I can use my silicone giant cupcake mold since the top of the cupcake does come small near the dolls waist? 
Also doesnt really have to provide a cake serving but wondering how the fondant liner and basically the entire thing is made?       Also what is the cutter called that makes shaped ribbons like the bottom tier?   Thanks  
Thanks for the advice to go only 25 degrees down unlike the converter calculator. Made a double batch of the WASC and added one 8" and one 6" on the top and alternate on the bottom and baked at 300 degree for 30 mins and it came out perfect.  Saves me 10 mins and I can bake 4 cakes at and win ;)
I have a cutter which makes similar beads but how can one make it two colored???
Also wanted to add, I have the convectional oven and looking at the below website I should be baking at 275 for 40 mins compared to the 325 I should be baking in the regular oven option.  I never used the convection option of the oven but looks like it's needed to bake multiple cakes.    Does it sound about right?   Regular BAKE option in oven: Bake at 325 for 40 mins   Convection option in oven: Bake at 275 for 40 mins
Alright so I finally purchased a 2nd set of cake pans as it was getting a bit ridiculous baking 1 cake at a time. I do have a few questions....   I exclusively use the WASC recipe, which calls for baking at 325 for 40 mins and it works out perfect everytime.  What I was doing until now is baking an 8" and 6" at the same time but taking the 6" out approx 5 mins prior.  Now I know adding more cakes to bake does SOMETHING to the cooking time just dont know and would rather...
Alright so I have a cake order thats going out on Saturday evening...I really dont want to work on the cake on Saturday as I'm having my own birthday party friday evening and think I'll be too tired (ahem hangover) to work on the cake Saturday. So I have to options, would REALLY prefer option #1 but dont know if I should?   Because my fridge will be filled with my party items and drinks I dont want to use the fridge to store the cake at all.  Pretty sure the sangria...
Thanks just one more question...I usually leave the fridge at it better to keep the fridge really cold or slightly warmer is better? I also have the exact time (55 hours) it'll be in the fridge before being served. Im so nervous. :S
Alright a last minute order for 2 cakes came in which would be picked up Jan 1 around 3pm.  Problem is I'm away from Dec 30 3pm, till Jan 1st 11am. If I bake the cakes today and have it frosted ready for fondant tom morning and have the finishing touches done by tom (Dec 30) can I simply box it and leave it in the fridge?  The frosting is swiss meringue buttercream which has egg whites so needs to be refrigerated. I always finish my cake the night before anyways and next...
What colors are used in this cake? The top tier for instance doesnt quite look like a reg red.  Same with the pink? Thanks in advance!  
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