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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Found a place less than 5 mins away from my house that sells the Americolors for $1.95!!!   Im placing an order and was wondering, for the above cake should I go with...Electric PINKElectric GREENChocolate BROWN What about the monkeys face? How about Americolor IVORY? Too light? And for the SHEEN, which pearl to go with? GOLDEN CHARM LUSTER DUST - STERLING PEARL SHIMMER ORSUPER PEARL LUSTER DUST - STERLING PEARL SHIMMER  Also any idea how...
Where can I find it in Canada (Toronto more specifically)?  I need it for a cake on Saturday :(
I have the wilton gel colors, but before I start using them wanted to know any tips on getting the MMF to look so vibrant?   Just use a lot of pink but that lime green doesnt look like its from Wiltons?  
Thanks used the grass tip!
Thanks so some says the shine doesnt stay for long with a steamer? I would need to stay like that for atleast 10 hours as Im making it the night before. 
I saw it here but the person who posted the cake didn reply.  I LOVE how shiny the entire cake is!
Sorry hopefully this will work:  
How is the body of the monster done?  What tip used?  Can I use swiss meringue buttercream with it??? Or just american buttercream? A neighbour asked as a favor and since I mostly work with fondant have no idea how to achieve the monster body?    [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
Thanks will try it with just the instant espresso...I do have some coffee extract I guess I can throw in? Staying away from Kahlua for religious reasons. 
Thanks! Now looking for a coffee/expresso swiss meringue buttercream recipe? :D Any suggestions? 
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