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Thanks for the link, great for future reference! I didnt have most of the colors mentioned so decided to try Wiltons pink with a bit of the regular yellow and think I got a close enough color match. Will be putting together the cake tomorrow and update with the finished product :)    
I have a silicone giant cupcake pan and noticed last time I baked the cake it took FOREVER.  Now I always use the WASC recipe and use flower nails for any cake 8" or larger and they turn out perfect everytime.    How do I master baking these giant cupcakes?  Also wondering if a full WASC recipe is enough for both the bottom and top or should I double the recipe??   Do I even attempt to add a flower nail in the bottom pan???   How long should I aim at baking?  I...
Thanks! Now do can I make it?  I need it for the fondant items and also for the buttercream. :)
Wanted to re-create it for this weekend but Im not sure what the color is?  Peach? Pink?  Also if it is peach, and advice on achieving a similar shade as the photo?   Im guessing the bottom liner of the cupcake is a light pink from wilton candy melt, but the top is a bit darker and doesnt look like a pink shade.    I
Thanks! You were right it was those color just lightly added.  I kind of wished I added a bit more green for the bottom tier but was too afraid of it turning dark.  It doesnt look that yellow in person, can tell its green.   On a brighter note my first time making a fondant character :D  
The cake below, the top is a light blue and the bottom seems to be greenish yellow?  Wondering what colors I should start with to achieve the same colors? I have electric green from americolor if that helps.  
So I always follow this recipe and wondering to make half a batch how much of the sugar should I take out so the frosting doesnt become overly sweet as I'll be adding jar nutella to it.   Actually while I'm at it, I find this recipe above become overly sweet the moment you add any flavoring to it, be it raspberry jam, chocolate chips, nutella etc.  Its great as a plain vanilla frosting but I...
Hmm pumpkin cake with cream cheese buttercream sounds yummy!  Could you share your recipe? Thanks
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