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Thanks so I'll have to make both of those colors myself by mixing? Got it :)
So I have a order for a grey/yellow bridal shower cakepop basket and realised I've never seen either colors as candy melts.  Any tips to achieve the softness in the colors? Looking to re-create the same colors and afraid even if I find ready made candymelts they might be gravestone grey and banana yellow? lol Any suggestions?  Specifically in Toronto/GTA?   Also what are those small white pearl-like things called?  
Just wanted to update in the hopes it helps someone else making large amounts of cake pops.  I doubled the WASC recipe and bake it in a 14" cake pan and was able to get approx 120 cake pops from the entire cake after trimming off the slightly browned bottom and edge of the cake.  Makes life so much easier when you know how many cakes you need before starting to work on large orders.  
Thanks but I have no issues making regular cake pops..actually just made over 200 yesterday.  Its specifically the golf ball shaped ones Im inquiring about. 
I need to cake quite a few golf shaped cake pops and have the mold.  But while trying they were not that great as the 2 sides didnt meet and there were gaps..any videos or suggestion on those who successfully made them? 
Thanks Stacy! Do you happen to have the WASC recipe that uses 2 boxed cakes?  I guess I can always double the reg recipe.     Another question, if I make them 2 days prior to the delivery date how do I store them?  Just in the fridge?  Would they crack or even worse once they come to room temp at the party, will they start falling off?  Always made them for the day of the party but with such a large order I wanted to be safe than sorry. ANY tips would be greatly...
I dont have that size pan...any idea how many I would get out of a 14" round pan?  Also How do I multiply to make the WASC cake for the 14" pan?  Thanks!!
So I have a person asking for something like this cake and cakepop combo for a small (50) people wedding. Just trying to figure out what part is cake and what part is cakepop? I'm guessing the cakepops are stuck on dummy cakes? Or are they cake balls?  Wondering if cakepops stuck on top like this would break/fall off?   How can it be made for a 50 people wedding party? Like what size dummy cakes, number of cake pops and she wants a small actual cake somewhere on it as...
So I have an order for 200 golf ball shaped cake pops and I have a few question.   -How many cakes do I bake? Looking to make the WASC recipe. I have a 14" round pan and baking flowers. So hoping baking it in the 14" pan will eliminate the need to bake a billion smaller 8" cakes.   -Approx how much candy melt would I be using?   Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Found a place less than 5 mins away from my house that sells the Americolors for $1.95!!!   Im placing an order and was wondering, for the above cake should I go with...Electric PINKElectric GREENChocolate BROWN What about the monkeys face? How about Americolor IVORY? Too light? And for the SHEEN, which pearl to go with? GOLDEN CHARM LUSTER DUST - STERLING PEARL SHIMMER ORSUPER PEARL LUSTER DUST - STERLING PEARL SHIMMER  Also any idea how...
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