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How can I make navy candy melt for cake pops?  I have white chocolate bark from WM and have a jar of blue powder color for candy melts.  I also have a small amount of navy blue candy melt but the problem is I need enough to make approx 100 cake pops and the navy blue isnt enough.  My plan is to mix the navy blue with more of the white bark so I have enough for 100 but Im sure it'll lighten a lot once I add a whole bar of the white chocolate bark.  To bring it back to a...
Thanks was able to get the client to change the elephant for zebra :)
Thanks it with fondant and royal icing. :)
So looking at suggestions on how to display them by color coordinating the display. The display is custom made in white and it's 6 tiers. Main wedding colors are navy,red and gold.    When it was only 5 tiers my initial idea was to display Navy cake pops on the bottom tier, then red and then the 3 smaller tiers would have gold...Basically darkest to light.  But with it actually being 6 tiers not sure how to make it a focal point display. Would love some suggestions as...
Alright have an order thats going out tomorrow around 12pm and since I have other orders to work on was hoping to just make it now the entire thing and get it out of the way.  The cake is a rosette cake on the bottom and a giant cupcake on top...I'm afraid the candy shell will crack? What is the turn the fridge a bit warmer?
Wondering how to get the lion on it? Royal icing seems practical but wouldn't it run down? Not very familiar with royal icing maybe I can use a stiff consistency?    Also for the eyes can I just use vodka and black gel color to "paint" it?   Maybe use candy melt for the lion and decoration as well? I'm dipping the whole apple in candy melt.  
I like the fondant idea but how would I stick it to the cake pop with it bringing down the cake pop with it? Glue it with the candy melt and then dip the entire thing? Im afraid the fondant with start melting as well? The reason I worry is because previously I did minnie mouse and use candy melt as the ears as many suggested only to have the entire ear melt and had to use mini Oreo :S I'll be working on them on Thursday and hoping to find a fool proof way to tackle this. 
LOL! Thanks all, yes I always "glue" my tiers with royal icing as well. I'm sure it wont be as scary as I feel now once I start working on it :) 
Can anyone help me with this part? I'm having a 5 tier built but my handyman needs me to give him the dimensions for the holes to be drilled. I'm not sure what is the "standard" as I hope to rent it out after using it for my order. I'm attaching a photo with all the dimensions. Just want them to go in a square all around and come in as we get closer to the inside. The stand is being held of a X, and I've added the dimension of it.      How far apart should they be and...
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