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Mine are organized in small/medium Rubbermaid-type boxes and stashed on top of our kitchen cabinets, along with most of my pans.  I work out of a 6'x8' kitchen (i.e. TINY) so there is no storage space for my cake things.  I can't wait until we move to a real house with space!!
P.S. Sorry DeliciousDesserts, I think we posted at the same time (with the same info, haha!)
Well, a few thoughts:   * Why is she requesting two dummy tiers and then possible extra "real" sheet cakes?  It'd be a lot easier to do the additional flavors in those extra tiers and not mess her buying with sheet cakes at all.  Not to mention that seems a little insulting to you as a baker, to have someone say "oh, just make dummy tiers, I'll buy the real cake from Costco." * Yes, most purchased fondant is expensive.  Everyone has their own preference, but I make...
Well... I ended up baking the 14" layers with one flower nail in the center of each one (poked it through my parchment liner in the bottom so it didn't move) and a single wet towel strip pinned around the outside, like a bake-even strip.  Worked like a charm!   This was my first wedding cake and I think it went well.  I'm not happy with the unevenness of the lines, but otherwise it was good.  (The ducks were intended to be a topper, last-minute decision by the...
I've had this happen too - mine was because I rolled my fondant too thick, and I didn't have a stiff dam in the center to prevent the filling from bulging under the weight.  I would have been better off to (a) let the filled cake rest, slightly weighted, before applying fondant, and (b) rolling the fondant much thinner before draping.  It was my first time and for a competition too... oops!  Good luck!
What about a jello poke-cake?  The follicles remind me of the "pokes" in a poke cake.  You'd still want to pipe the side details on, though, probably after slicing.  I'm an anatomy nerd (I won't gross you guys out by saying where I spent my undergrad years!) so I love your idea! 
Love the Viva paper towel method - I use it on all my buttercream cakes!  Bench scrapers are awesome but I always find myself doing a final smoothing with the Viva towel regardless.
I did a very simple piped sock monkey cake last year - keep in mind, I'm a self-taught amateur, nowhere near the caliber of some folks here! :-)  Anyway, I freehanded the shape, and used a small star tip to (hopefully) be reminiscent of the knitted texture.  The gray icing is actually Oreo buttercream - so it has that "marled" look to it instead of a flat gray.  So just another idea for you!    
I'm glad you asked!  I'm in Knoxville and have been researching the same thing... lots of conflicting information out there.  Other people have told me they've rented space in a commercial kitchen to be able to bake items for sale.  Ikern, so because it's considered "catering", cakes don't fall under cottage law in TN?  That seems to be a fuzzy distinction to me... but so are a lot of government regulations. 
Thanks all for the advice/confirmation!  I'll pick up a few more flower nails this week (I only have one metal and one OLD plastic one... haha.  I don't do flower-nail flowers often.)  I'll report back to let you know how the cakes turn out!
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