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I have loved reading this thread, so so funny.  I loved the Giant Booties and the melting ladybird.   Here's my contribution.  It was my first cake and is supposed to be the 17th hole at Sawgrass Golf Course. I look at it now and am so embarrassed with it.  I am especially proud of the bunker sliding into the water!  I'm still not great but luckily I've not made one this bad since.  
Thanks for this and it looks great but I am in the UK and from what I have seen on the web it is not available over here.  I'd be interested if anyone knows any different.
Sorry what is the SPS system?
Hi, I just need a bit of advice.  I am making a 4 tier wedding cake for a very good friend and it's my first and I don't want to stuff it up. I normally use cake mixes as the cakes are very soft, moist and last longer but I am concerned that this may be a mistake.  I intend to use plenty of dowels and boards in between and I wondered if a soft cake mix will be able to take the weight.  Do I refridgerate each section to make it more sturdy? Any ideas or suggestions...
Thanks for your replies.  I've got another one to make tonight so I will try your suggestions.  I think my buttercream is too thick as well so will try to thin it a bit so it spreads easier.  Thanks again
Hi,   Can anyone advise me how to get a smooth finish to a cake.  On all the cakes I've made you can see where the 2 cakes are joined with buttercream.  Also I cover the cake with buttercream in order to stick fondant to it but it is never smooth and always shows the crumbs of the cake.  Please help? Thanks
Hi, I need to make a Fireman Sam cake and I have made loads of decorations for it i.e. lights, ladder etc but I need to know the best way to stick them on to the fondant covered cake so they won't fall off. Please help? Thanks
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