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Carmijok,   Very pretty...neat work
To my understanding, dummy cakes are allowed. They are used in different contests (shows) and then uploaded in the gallery with no problems.Hope this helps a little
Hi Everyone,When you post a new topic in any of the forums and you think that the post did not go through after hitting the submit button, just check the forum to see if it is there before posting it again . Also, if you double post to a topic by mistake, don't worry, just pm a moderator to have it deleted .Believe me, Mrs. Missy received quite a few pms from me when I first joined CC to delete my double and triple postings Thanks
Sending a late shout-out of welcome to all the *NEWBIES* that have posted since my last welcome.Welcome to the family!!!
Sorry ladies and gents but due to CC's policies, the OP can not post items or let you know on the forums when she start selling. Maybe interested persons can keep in contact by pm.
Congrats!!! Have fun
Stick two tooth picks in the back of the bow with the paste before the bow dries. When ready to add bow, just push into the cake
Hi Butterpatty,Apply small amount of icing under each cc...will anchor them in place. This is what I do when making ccc.I would apply the bear on site.HTH
Here is my tutorial for doing a frozen transfer.
You can purchase the dust and glitter made especially for the airbrush.
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