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I had a similar cake to make last year and I made mini cakes for them. I made each one into a lovable little creature using a small 3 inch cake and cakepop mix. I didn't see the kids reactions but they loved being able to pick their own cake from the selection, and they loved that these were made just for them. I have attached a photo (sorry about the quality).  
Hi I have a friend coming to Las Vegas and LA in August from New Zealand and she is looking for either a class to attend or cake supply shops to visit. Can anyone recommend somewhere to shop or classes? Thank you!
I just heard from the mother of the bride of a recent wedding cake. She told me that the venue had cut the bottom half (2 1/2 inches) off each cake and then stacked the leftover cake back up for them to take home so it still looked like a 3 tier cake but with just skinny tiers. I have never heard of people cutting the cake this way and it means that each guest would have only got a tiny piece. 
Thank you for your advice. From the sounds of what you have said, it will not bring in any more business for me so I will leave offering the cake. I will do some more research into getting my name out there. Thanks again!
I think some of them would but maybe more online. What i really need is to get people to see one of my cakes and go "that's cool", then the next time they want a cake, they remember that cake and then search online. What my main issue is, is that I don't know how to get to my targeted market in the first place.
Hi AllMy background...I have recently started selling cake but I have yet to find the right market that want to /can afford to pay my prices. I love in a small town (pop 3000) with a larger town 20 mins away (pop 50,000) and a few small towns about 40 mins away. I get a lot of enquires but these don't translate into a lot of bookings. There is only one other decorator I know of selling cakes from a registered kitchen like myself. My idea...I saw today in my regional paper...
Sorry just to add a bit more, if you use dutch cocoa powder, baking soda and buttermilk, it all evens out and that works in baking. The Hersey's recipe above calls for all three so that one shouldn't be a problem if using dutch cocoa powder. But if you are used just the dutch cocoa and baking soda then that is when you have a problem with it. I had a heap of trouble with one recipe. I had made it many times with success and then one day I couldn't get it to perform (rise...
I don't know if you found a solution to this but from what i have heard, if you use you dutch cocoa you can't use baking soda in the same recipe. Here is a good link to a blog about mixing the 2. If you aren't using dutch cocoa powder, sorry then this doesn't apply.
Thanks for that Jason. I need to do a big review on my pricing and adjust quite a few things and this information/help you have given me is awesome, thank you!
Thanks for that Jason. That explains a lot for me. I take it that everything else would be charged in this way too, like cake mixers and stuff like that. Reading through other threads, it seems like 20% profit on each cake is about normal? When you talk about charging the whole piece of equipment to a client when it is purchased just for their cake, what do you mean about the markup? Is that the overall profit on the cake or is that something you add onto each piece of...
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