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      Attached is a picture of my dream wedding cake. My fiance has already said that I'm not allowed to make our wedding cake (fair enough - it's a stressful job!). We are thinking of ordering several flavours of cupcakes instead of having a cake. But I still find myself thinking of this dream cake....   Do you think that I could make this giant flower out of gumpaste well in advance and put it on a fake cake just for the display? Does anyone have any...
Has anyone covered a double barrel (extended height) tier with MMF? What is the best approach to do this? I'm having trouble with the fondant tearing with the regular fondant covering method, but I'd like to avoid wrapping if possible so that I don't have a seam. Any experience/advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
Sorry, I wasn't that clear. I meant that each cake layer is about 2" tall, and they want 4 layers per tier. So each tier will be ~8".If I put a plate in the middle of each tier, the catering company should know how to cut that, right?Thank you!
I'm making my first wedding cake for a friend and the bride would like tall tiers - 4 layers of cake in each. If my cake tiers are about 2" in height, should I put a plate in the middle of the tiers so that each tier has two separate 2-layer cakes, or should I make them all as one single tier, so that each slice would be 4-layers?Any suggestions and/or experience would be greatly appreciated!Thanks for the help!
The law scale symbol?Or something more specific to the type of law he specializes in.
To do this in fondant, I would suggest covering the cake and then painting by hand. Different sized brushes (with different amounts of dye) could give a more random and realistic look for the wood too.
Wrap the top tier in black fondant and make a mortar board to place on top (either cover cardboard in fondant or make one out of gum past) or it. Then make the tassle out of fondant to stick on the top.
I would suggest using a fondant smoother right down to the bottom of each tier and then cutting by hand with a knife (as opposed to a pizza or pastry cutter) for a cleaner, smoother cut.Once stacked, use the smoother again to have the fondant touch the tier it's sitting on.
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. It turned out great! Keeping it cold as I worked was a great tip!
I would suggest using gum paste for the accessories so that they dry hard and are stable. For the helmet, I would start with a round ball of gumpaste, and then use your fingers (or the ball tool) to start to "hollow out" the inside. I would shape the boots the same way and use the ball tool to indent the top of the boot slightly to make it appear that it's hollow, but really it's solid.Hope this helps, good luck!
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