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I want to check whether I can color the buttercream icing under a white fondant? Will the color not bleed onto the fondant icing? I appreciate any advice, thank you.
Thank you scp1127 for your input, I appreciate it. There was no filling in the cake so it should be ok.
I will be making a fondant covered pistachio flavored cake decorated with fondant pumpkins and fall leaves on Thursday night and will deliver it on Friday. The person who ordered the cake will store it until Monday. Will the cake still be ok or does she have to put it in a refrigerator until Monday? I will not use any filling in this cake. I appreciate your input. Thank you!
Thanks a lot BakingIrene! I will try your suggested pistachio buttercream filling. I actually just bought a bottle of the LorAnn Pistachio flavoring today since I was thinking that if I can not use the whipped cream pistachio filling, I could omit the filling and just flavor my buttercream icing to crumb coat the cake with pistachio flavor. Thanks again! I appreciate your help!
I am in a good state of mind that I know which kind of alcohol she meant, the potable ones, no further explanation needed. Only a person in a crazy state of mind will assume or think of adding something that will bad for people to eat and will affect them badly. Thank you.
Thank you DeniseNH! What if I put the whipped cream filling which is made of 1 pack of dream whip, 1 bpx of Jello Pistachio pudding mix and 1.5 cups of milk. Will the cake be stable enough to hold the fondant icing? I truly appreciate your help, thanks!
I usually make a Pistachio Cake with the white cake box mix and add one box of the Jello Pistachio Pudding Mix, 3 eggs, 1 cup of oil and 1 cup of club soda. Will this be ok to be covered in fondant icing? Someone is asking me to bake this for her but wants to cover it with fondant. I am omitting the pistachio whipped cream filling since I have read that the cake has to be stable enough to hold the fondant. Can someone please give me some advice? I truly appreciate...
Thank you Debbie for the nice news! I have ordered the frosting sheets actually from your company and can't wait to try printing on them!
Thank you for your advice though I have emailed Icing Images and they do not support my printer which is a Canon MG5320 as of now. They said that they are hoping to in the next few weeks. I will buy the frosting sheets from them though. Do you know any other supplier of edible ink that is good to use?Thanks again.
Hi,I wanted to ask advice as to where I can get the best edible ink cartridge. I have checked Kopycake, Icing Images and Inkedibles (theirs is cheaper) though they seem like new in the business compared to the other 2 companies.Can someone please help me decide? Your advice is much appreciated.Manang
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