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You're situation is similar to mine -- I only recently started baking from scratch (after box mixes for family and friends for 10+ years) and I love it! Definitely learn the science behind why/how baking works. You can start at the library (search for science of baking type titles). As for developing your own recipes, that is a lofty goal which you might be ready for after a lot of experience, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with using another's recipe (even a...
Add a little bit of salt to cut the sweetness. Use popcorn salt (it's finely ground salt) or dissolve regular salt in a tiny bit of liquid to get it to incorporate fully.
Actually you'd want to INCREASE the fat content to get less crusting in your BC.
I'm new to modeling chocolate too and have been trying to get an answer on how it does in the heat and humidity. Does the above warning against summer use apply only to a 50/50 mix or also to straight modeling chocolate? Would it be a mistake to use modeling chocolate to make some small sculpted (free standing) tree trunks in moderate heat/humidity? TIA.
A little bit of salt (about 1/4 tsp or to taste) will cut the sweetness without tasting salty. Use popcorn salt (finely ground salt) or dissolve regular salt in a little bit of liquid to allow for full incorporation in the icing. HTH.
Wow! Does this work? I mean, does the PB crust enough with chilling to stay in place while adding the BC? If it does this sounds awesome! You've made my day -- I never even thought of trying this but as much as I love PB I've got to try. Thanks for the heads up!
I think it's a really cute idea, but as a mom, the thought of giving my kids a knife and icing for their cookie makes me really nervous about the mess. However, a baggy filled with frosting, with instructions to snip the corner and squeeze, really seems doable and much neater. Also I would think it would be tons more fun for the kids to sqeeze vs spread. That's just the way I'd approach it as a customer, for whatever it's worth. Good luck!
A fellow CC'er has a blog entry about Georgetown Cupcakes' packaging for shipping that you might find informative:
I always use butter instead of Crisco; as far as I know all the MMF recipes use Crisco only for greasing and butter works just fine for that.
I too tried Target's powdered sugar one time, when I didn't have time to go to another store and they did not carry C&H, my normal brand. It was so awful and gritty I threw the whole batch in the garbage and then had to make time to go to another store. After reading here that the 10X processing is the real issue, I decided to give another brand a try, this time BANAH 10-X Powdered 100% Natural Confectioners' Sugar, which I just found at Walmart. The ingredients read:...
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