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Thanks everyone for the feedback.  I will check out the Microplanes. 
I'm currently using a very small grater for lemon and orange zest and it's driving me nuts.  It takes forever to get a small amount of zest and it doesn't even stand alone so it's hard to hold while zesting.  I think something with a sturdy base that also has a basin for catching the zest would be nice...  Does anyone have one they love?  Thanks!
Thank you!
Thanks for sharing this, BakingIrene. Do you ever use all butter instead of half shortening / half butter for this recipe? I wanted to try it that way but thought I'd check to see if you knew the results.
Thanks for the info!
Can you give us more information on how to make one yourself, please?
Thanks for the clarification, icer101. I was so enamored by the taste/texture I didn't think about the stability issue for things other than cupcakes. For the record, here is what Jen says in the recipe post:"Finished CCSMBC is softer then regular but is great for topping cupcakes or using as a filling (damed with regular SMBC I do not put it on the outside of cakes or under fondant (except as a filling) because of the softness, I worry about my layers shifting."
You might want to try FromScratchSF's Cream Cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream found here: made it for the first time this past weekend (also my first time making any type of Meringue Buttercream). My first thought upon tasting it was, "This is like eating ice cream" (except it's not cold!). It is very light and creamy and especially the regular Swiss Meringue flavored with vanilla extract tasted just like vanilla...
Put 1 T of vinegar in your measuring cup and add enough regular milk to equal 1 cup. This will make sour milk after standing for a few mintues. I have also heard you can use lemon juice instead of the vinegar.
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