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I've got a finished (BC decorated) cake in the freezer ready to take to a family party this weekend.  It's basically an 8 inch round (slightly carved into a squatty sphere) with 3 layers, filled with chocolate BC and iced with plain BC.  The cake is 6 inches tall.  I put one bubble tea straw down the center to keep the layers from sliding.  It's currently in a rubbermaid type container and I plan to not open the container until shortly before serving.   I need to...
What about Red Velvet?  Would go great with cream cheese icing...
Thanks K8, can't wait to try it! :)
K8:  I'd like to try the first idea you mentioned -- do you have a good rolled BC recipe you'd be willing to share?  Thanks!
Actually some alcohol generally remains after baking:   (from   Alcohol in finished food A study by a team of researchers at the University of Idaho, Washington State University, and the US Department of Agriculture's Nutrient Data Laboratory calculated the percentage of alcohol remaining in a dish based on various cooking methods.[1] The results are as follows: alcohol added to boiling liquid...
  Then don't think about the fact that milk comes out of the cow at 101 degrees F. 
Thanks everyone for the feedback.  I will check out the Microplanes. 
I'm currently using a very small grater for lemon and orange zest and it's driving me nuts.  It takes forever to get a small amount of zest and it doesn't even stand alone so it's hard to hold while zesting.  I think something with a sturdy base that also has a basin for catching the zest would be nice...  Does anyone have one they love?  Thanks!
Thank you!
Thanks for sharing this, BakingIrene. Do you ever use all butter instead of half shortening / half butter for this recipe? I wanted to try it that way but thought I'd check to see if you knew the results.
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