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I was just washing my Pampered Chef Mix N Scraper (spatula) and was reminded that I really don't like it.  The handle has a very fine texture to it, and it traps stains that you can't scrub out.  I got it several years ago so it's possible they've changed the texture on the handle, I'd hope so.  Also, I have both the large and small sizes, and the large one is way too cumbersome in my hand (and I don't have tiny hands). 
And I agree, their can opener rocks!
I've used their baking stones almost daily for 8 years. I like them because I don't have to worry about Teflon coatings or aluminum leeching into my food.  The clean up is super easy and they are definitely durable for years of use.    I love the batter bowls (both sizes) for storing buttercream, mixing things by hand, heating soup, etc.  The handle is so, well, handy, and the cover is a great plus.  I have the small and large and would like to have another of each...
Rose Levy Beranbaum has some good info about this topic on her blog:   I've used the potato starch sub (15% by weight of the flour) with pretty good results -- not the same as cake flour but better than straight unbleached flour.
Can anyone else vouch for this method of thawing a frozen pumpkin pie?  I was expecting it would be like cake where you keep it tightly wrapped until after it's fully thawed.  Which is better?  Any other tips on freezing? (I'm making my first pumpkin pie from scratch and also have two B-day cakes to bring so I'm trying to work ahead.) Thanks for any info on this off topic question which hopefully is helpful for others this week too!
I've heard that putting the flour in the freezer for a bit before opening the bag will kill any bugs.  I had flour beetles from a bag of grocery store flour once and it took forever to get rid of them in my kitchen.  Now I always put the flour in the freezer for a few days to make sure at least nothings going to live to multiply!
I've done the side by side comparison and yes, you do lose varying degrees of crumb quality when you replace the cake flour with AP or AP + potato starch (using starch being a closer approximation to the original).  Although they are all still delicious!  
   As a Mom to a one year old (made the cake myself, didn't stress it wasn't perfect), I couldn't help but chuckle at your post.  Brides probably are getting plenty of sleep and are pretty much focused on themselves most of the time -- Moms of one year olds, not so much. Doesn't excuse the crazy behavior, but perhaps explains it a little.
I hesitate to post my alterations to this recipe because I know the way it is written is the best way, but I regularly use King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour with a few tweaks.  I only do this because I have a personal mission to avoid bleached flour and I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of the crumb consistency for this.   I basically replace 15% (by weight) of the cake flour called for with potato starch, and for the remaining 85% I use the Unbleached AP Flour.  In...
 Poor grammar and spelling definitely bother me too, but mistakes do happen to the best of us.  Anyone see the Cake Boss episode where they made a huge bowling alley cake and the N was backwards in the word LANES for the name of the alley, which was front and center and large?  I kept saying, how did they miss that, and why doesn't someone point it out? 
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