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Thank you! The trays are 12in and 16in.
I just started selling holiday treat trays as well. Here is a link to what mine look like and my pricing.   I based my pricing compared to the local grocery store but then charged more because they are fancier and home-made. Hope this helps you some!
Thanks so much! That is all really great information. I told her I need to know by next Friday, so we will see what happens...
I was asked to make cupcakes for a wedding, I have only done one other wedding and it was a cake. I'm not worried about the cupcakes and the amount of work, I think can handle it. What I am worried about is the bride and how she is slightly difficult to work with.She asked me to make the cupcakes after her cake lady cancelled due to her having surgery. The wedding is October 6. She first asked me to make the cupcakes back in June or July, no problem, I can handle that....
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