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The oven temp was set to 350 and the baked for 20 mins but i thought it was weird that was how they baked. The cupcakes never rose.
So here is the recipe I used..... The only thing I did different was put the milk in all at one time and before the flour. Well when I did that the milk curdled (it was brand new, just bought it yesterday morning and used it yesterday). When I was baking the cupcakes the middles fell instead of raising. Any suggestions on why this might have happened. I have no clue.
So I found a Yellow cake recipe ( and it calls for both cake and all-purpose flour. I don't have cake flour so I am wondering if I can just use all purpose flour for the recipe or should I use both? Thanks for your input.
So had the strips as tight as they would go then went to put the pan in the oven and it fell off again. Is there a special trick with the putting the pin in? I realize this shouldn't be this difficult but for whatever reason they are just not working for me.
So I have started using the bake even strips and like them except for when I go to move the cake pan into the oven they come off. Any ideas on how to keep this from happening. It is really getting annoying.
Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what kind of mixer is a good investment/purchase? The one I have is handed down from my grandma so its about 40+ years and its starting to putz out. I have looked into Oster (that is that one I am currently using) and the reviews on the new ones make them seem not to promising. I have looked into and tried the Bosch mixers but unsure of them. So any suggestions on a brand of mixer would be helpful.
So I need some suggestions. I am going to be making a graduation cake and they would like black as one of the colors. I have heard that the black can have a bitter taste to it. I thought about using chocolate as the base but the only problem is the graduate does not like chocolate so I can not do that. Any suggestions on how I can make it taste better would be much appreciated.
I used all-purpose flour. And it didn't open the door til the 45 mins were up. For me the weather was the opposite. It was cool and rainy when the cake fell and when I made the first cake on Sunday it was sunny and gorgeous out.
I think my oven is off. I'm trying to bake just a standard Pillsbury box cake and the middle of this is one isn't being thoroughly cooked either.
I think it just wasn't my day for cakes. I haven't had any issues with the temp so far but I am probably going to look into getting an oven thermometer. I have made this recipe before no problems until I put the wet towel around the pan. It is 2in deep. It isn't a pound cake. I'm thinking its a German Chocolate Cake recipe. I don't know for sure because it's been handed down on my husband's side thru 5 generations now ( his great great grandma). I thought I might take...
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