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Ok . thank you soo much 
hi everyone , I have to make a rectangular cake for 100 people ...can i bake 2 square 9 x 13 cakes and put them together ?   ThanxX
Thanks to all 
hii everybody , this is the first time im going to make a red velvet cake and i would like to know how much could i charge for a cake like this   ..( red velvet with cream cheese frosting , 8 x 3 and in fondant with a Dispicable Me Minion Cake Topper )  Thank You !!  :)    
Not anymore I did a recipe and put the Url .for the pic and when i click on it was deleted and it was in my gallery but not anymore
hii everyone , does CakeCentral deletes users photos ? This is the second time that this has happened to me i uploaded a photo of cookies yesterday and it was fine but i checked out today and it was deleted . Whats going on ? If someone knows please help me !
Thanks for all the advice i would invest in a scale and try again ...thankS to all
sorry for my english... I used Nestle chocolate chips 2 cups ( i dont have a scale ) and 1 cup of heavy cream and it didn't settle
Hi everyone , i have to make a tall cake covered in fondant but i whant to cover it in ganache insted of B.C. But i really dont understand the amounts for the ganache to get thick. I made it yesterday ( twice ) and did not work How should i do this please help !
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