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Thanks Jason. You always have the answers.
I "grew up" using only Wilton pans and never had any issues with them. As I learn more about my new career I'm finding there is a whole other world. I never heard of Fat Daddio & Magic Line before coming to this site. Which pans do you use prefer to use and why?Thanks, Mary
So HRS is just shortening that still uses trans fats?
Please replace the blade.
You may even have residue of the different cleaners on the floor. Is the flooring VCT that has to be waxed? If so, I suggest stripping the floor and re-waxing. If its non-wax use the vinegar solution to break up the build up.
Shanter-Thanks! I never heard of flexible royal icing. I'll give it a try. Thanks for your thoughts. Hopefully, with a little luck this WILL turn out!Mary
I need to make a badminton birdie (aka shuttlecock) I've tried fondant. I didn't like this way it was too heavy looking. Now I am working with gum paste and I'm having trouble keeping all the pieces to stay together. I made the feathers and "legs" and let them dry and sticking them into a newly formed ball tip. But it's still too fragile. Ugh. I've never worked with modeling chocolate do you think this will work? Do you have any other ideas?Thanks much. Mary
Thanks. A relief. I have peace of mind.
It looks like they used rope lights under a clear plastic then added colored gel.
I've had success with strawberry & raspberry. Traditional combos.
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