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Ok. I've seen instant espresso in the aisles and I wasn't sure if that was the same as Espresso Powder. So it looks like it is. thanks everyone! Mary
Ok. I'm not a coffee drinker so I'm really lost in the coffee aisle. Anyway, I want to try a couple of recipes that call for Espresso Powder. I've read on the forum that you can find it in the coffee aisle. I've tried several different stores in my area (Chicago suburbs) and I can't find it. I'm having a hard time believing that in my area it's not in the stores. Does this go by any other name? Or can you help with a some sort of substitute?Thanks! Mary
Thanks all! i like the reinforcement idea of the tulle. I think royal icing by itself would be too fragile.
Sorry forgot to include my Thanks!
That could work as long as I can keep myself from breaking it! I better make 2.
I'm making a 9x13 badminton cake. I've decided that I want it to look like the court divided by a net. I'm thinking of making the net from gum paste or maybe flexible royal icing and for the pole 'm thinking I would use fondant (or fanci foil) covered lollipop sticks. I'm stumped on how to attach the "net" to the poles. Any ideas?Thanks!Mary
I use a sketch pad for initial designs and then graph paper for scaling.
Just as Jason says you need to look at your state & county's health department laws. I'm in Illinois and we can only use commercial kitchens from start to packaging. Delivery must come from the kitchen. You can't bring it home then deliver it to my customer. I'm also in the midst of renting my first kitchen and you do need a food safety & sanitation certified, a state license, $1 Million Liability insurance policy. Plus all your equipment and ingredients need to...
I am transitioning from baking in my conventional oven from my home kitchen to a commercial convection oven. Any hints that you could give me to help ease this transition would be greatly appreciated. I know I have to lessen baking time but do I have to change oven temp or change my recipes in anyway?Thanks much,Mary
Thanks everyone for you comments.
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